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Mikey Estrada is a young yet well established photographer, designer and interior architect. He has his base in Copenhagen but his accent reveals he’s originally from elsewhere, he’s raised in LA. When I ask him how he ended up in Copenhagen he laughs and says ”Well you know there is always a girl”. That girl is now his wife. Mikey has a unique and international vibe to his work and has designed for private clients all over the world.

Tell us about how you started doing interior design and where this interest comes from?

My interest started through the fashion industry and photography which is my background from my past. It all led to interior design. They all have similarities in many many ways, especially the business part of it.

How would you describe your style and what would you say is significant for your work?

Currently my style is very French, contemporary mixed with 1980s brutalist and Art Deco with a little bit of the Scandinavian look. In my work I like to use unique furniture and odd shapes and pieces that complement each other.

”My style is very French, contemporary mixed with 1980s brutalist and Art Deco with a little bit of the Scandinavian look”

-Mikey Estrada

What are your thoughts on the wallpapers you’ve chosen for this virtual collaboration and how do you think wallpaper can become a part of your future projects?

These wallpapers represent all of my identity because of the unique patterns that remind me of what I look up to. All through old references, of my archive of inspiration as well as newer influences. They will go hand in hand with my future works since I can constantly find new ways to showcase these amazing wallpapers.

Your style can be minimalistic yet it also comes off as bold and it definitely makes a statement.How would you say you manage to do this so naturally?

I would say it all comes naturally due to my background in the fashion industry. I do my best to combine that world with my works.

From where do you find inspiration?

My inspiration definitely comes from Kelly Wearstler, Ashe Leandro, Pierre Yovanovitch, Studio Pepe, and Emil Dervish.

Funny enough the show from the 80s Pee wee playhouse and the iconic Memphis design. These are my biggest inspirations from when I first started and to this day on, they still are.

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