belarteSTUDIO - The Story

BelarteStudio – the story

The word belarte is Italian for beautiful art which is also the essence of belarteSTUDIO. To bring life to unique art expressions through designed wall murals inspired by the lifestyle we believe this word represents.

A lifestyle that has always been present for the Sweden-based power couple, Anna Appelqvist and Fredrik Appelqvist. One, a creative force of nature. Outgoing, curious and bold. The other, a business-minded doer. Reflective, committed and resourceful.

Two personalities – one passion.

The lifestyle of beautiful art was present when Anna was enchanted by the small Italian city of Florence. For half a decade her everyday life was shaped by sculptures, poems and architectural buildings by icons of the past as well as street art and designer pieces by up-and-coming talents. It was also present when founders first met in the late 90´s and joined legendary Swedish fashion brand and retail stores Gina Tricot, founded by Anna and her family. Their love for arts and design merged together and helped the company prosper.

Through work they traveled the world. Every trip and stay in a far-off place filled their soul cup right to the brim. Preparing them for this next chapter in life: to challenge the view of what’s possible or not in creating unique spatial experiences by launching belarteSTUDIO in 2021. To live their passion.

BelarteSTUDIO is Scandinavian simplicity and an international vibrant energy combined. Based in Sweden, known for its sustainable way of life where love for the arts’ soulful curiosity meets love for nature’s complex purity. Something that is intertwined at the core of our business with our on-demand production.

Wall murals is only the beginning though. Because belarteSTUDIO is not merely a point of view. It’s a lifestyle. What to expect you ask? Only the unexpected.

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