Remade - Embrace the artistic potential in every piece of paper

Project Remade isn't just about waste reduction; it's about inspiring creativity and discovering the potential in leftovers, giving them a chance to shine anew. Although belarteSTUDIO creates custom wall murals, there will inevitably be leftover paper if the wall includes a door, window, or slanted ceiling. At belarteSTUDIO, we view leftover wallpaper not as a problem but as an opportunity. Project Remade encourages you, our wonderful customer, to transform these leftovers into unique creations, embracing the artistic potential in every piece of paper.



Our vision is to unite our creative community, fostering an environment where we can share and draw inspiration from one another. By letting your imagination run free, we believe there are endless possibilities to create value with our wall murals that extend far beyond the walls themselves. Use it to decorate the inside of a display cabinet, make your own lampshade or decorate a pedestal to bring some extra life and color to your home. And don't forget the most important part; become a member of the community by posting your final result with our hashtag #remadebelartestudio. 

We could not wait to get started… 

… so let us present our top four ideas of handcrafted pieces for your home made out of wall mural leftovers! 



Transform your furniture and turn them into statement pieces

First out, we would love to give wallpapered furniture a time to shine! The number of ways you can take advantage of wall murals by decorating furniture can not be counted. Give your display cabinet a complete makeover by wallpapering the back and changing the tired old handles to something that is elegant, turning it into a real statement piece! 

Applying wallpaper to a piece of furniture follows the same principles as wallpapering your wall. You can always check out our step by step guide if you need more detailed instructions. Before you start wallpapering, it's a good idea to ensure your furniture has a smooth surface.



Illuminate your space with a custom made lampshade 

Another beautiful way to add a unique and elegant touch to your home is by creating a custom lampshade or even wallpapering an entire lamp. You can transform an existing lamp into a brand-new piece by applying wallpaper to the inside, outside, or both. This not only personalizes your decor but also brings a fresh, bright element to your space. Or take it one step further and make a completely new design from scratch. A pleated or folded lampshade in a beautiful wall mural design could be the perfect mix between modern and classic. This will definitely add a perfect pop of color to your interior and at the same time match your walls perfectly! To transform an existing lampshade into something new and unique, all you need are some leftover wallpaper pieces and double-sided sticky tape. There are various methods to achieve this, so find the one that works best for you and let your creativity flow!



Showcase your style with personalized interior pieces 

Do you have a pedestal or side table at home that doesn't get the spotlight it deserves? That's an easy fix! Wrap it with leftover wallpaper from your wall murals to give it the attention it deserves. You can cover the entire piece of furniture or just a part of it to add your personal touch and unique design. Best of all, you won't need any additional tools beyond what you used for applying your wall mural. Experiment and get creative to transform your furniture into standout pieces!    

And, if you're not in the mood for a big project but still want to make use of those leftovers, the simplest craft (and one not to underestimate) is to place the wallpaper in a frame. The wall mural itself is already a beautiful piece of art, so framing it can create a striking addition to your decor with minimal effort. Or if you're invited to dinner and thought you'd bring a bouquet of flowers, why not hand over the flowers in a unique handmade flower holder made from wall mural leftovers.



Tips and tricks

To make the most out of your wall mural leftovers, we want to share a few tips and tricks to keep in mind during installation. These steps will help ensure that the leftover pieces are well-preserved and ready for your upcoming craft projects.

  1. To ensure you get off to a great start, use a level to draw a vertical line on the wall where the edge of the first strip should be placed. Being meticulous with this step will help you avoid waste that comes from placing the wallpaper slightly slanted. This careful alignment will save you time and materials, ensuring that your leftover pieces are in the best possible condition for future craft projects.
  2. To ensure a successful wall mural installation, make sure not to apply more glue than necessary. This helps avoid smudging the leftover pieces and prevents the seams from slipping. By using the right amount of glue, you'll keep the wall mural neat and secure, preserving the quality of any excess material for future projects.
  3. If there happens to be any excess glue, it can be gently wiped off with a damp sponge right away.
  4. When removing excess wall mural residue, ensure to use a straight edge for precise cutting, always with a very sharp knife.



The journey towards a zero waste product 

Sustainability is no longer optional; it's a vital consideration. We believe that design should blend aesthetics with ethics. In pursuit of a brighter future, we infuse a longevity mindset into all our endeavors. Discarding beautiful art is regrettable to us. Thus, our initiative, Remade, was born, inspiring customers to creatively utilize their wall mural leftovers. Longevity permeates everything we do. If you're keen on our efforts for a sustainable future, we'd be delighted to offer more insights!