belarteSTUDIO x Lena Nyholm

Step into a world where creativity knows no bounds, where walls are transformed into canvases and artistic boundaries are challenged.

Together with Lena Nyholm, one of Sweden's leading interior designers, we have created an exclusive wallpaper collection that was revealed for the first time at the main exhibition at the largest interior design fair in the Nordic region.

The meeting magic collection is a true interaction between creative souls, which becomes even stronger when everyone comes together to create something extraordinary together. The wallpapers in this collection were created by combining different expertise, including the artistic florist Samuel at Stjaelk. This combination of different skills has truly given the wallpaper world something unique. By letting the imagination flow, we have created a collection that goes beyond the ordinary.

Where did you get inspiration? How did you come up with this concept?

Formex themselves gave me the theme “The set table” and they wanted me to make three rooms instead of one as it is usually, to really maximize the experience. I saw three different tables. The dining table, the bar table or restaurant booth and then the work desk that we focus on most on Merry Monday. We see that the desk has been very neglected when thinking about design and experience and beauty. We like to take inspiration from places we love to be in order to create places we love to come to. Beauty and the beautiful is something we are inspired by when we design and of course the walls are very important. I usually say that it is 70% of a room. So it's incredibly important what we do with the walls, whether you want to paint them or put beautiful wallpaper.

How has your collaboration with belarteSTUDIO impacted and enriched your work?

I've been working on my own for most of my working life and when I talked to Anna and Ida at belartestudio about making wallpapers for a fair, I got the opportunity to actually collaborate in a completely new way with creators. I have to say that I was a little scared in the beginning, because I have a clear and strong will and idea when I do something. But what has been so helpful is that we are three parties who are experts in different areas: I know interior design, Samuel is fantastic with flowers and belarte with wallpaper. So together we were able to put our crazy minds together and help each other and come up with something that I think all three of us might not have thought of from the beginning. But it turned out so much better than I could have imagined. It has really become three completely different wallpapers that I think no one has really seen before.