Styled by - Jewel Marlowe

One of the many amazing interior designers who made it her life mission to master the eclectic interior style is no less than the Eclectic Glam Queen herself, Jewel Marlowe. A DIY advocate with a “roll-up-your-sleeve” mentality and a sixth sense when it comes to mixing colorful elements into an interior marvel with maximalism tendencies.

Not to sound biased, but as it just happens to be, she’s also a fan of wallpaper and has been transforming dull spaces since 2009. This does not come as a surprise, but her favorite kind of wallpaper is the large-scale “conversation starter” with bold colors that make you stop and think. It’s the perfect piece of decor when you instantly need to add a visual impact to a space, and a personal favorite of ours as well. Belarte approves!

We have invited Jewel to be a part of the creation of our latest wallpaper collection Eclectic Bohemian. She has given us her designer point of view during the design process and also been styling the new wall murals in her own home. 

What was your first reaction to this collection?

From the very inception, I was very impressed with this collection. It plays on so many of my favorite elements and does it in a way that is simultaneously witty and beautiful. I'm a sucker for animal prints, especially when they are a little hard to find. I love large-scale patterns, because they make the room, and I love a gorgeous landscape because it is so soothing.

What does eclectic mean to you and how would you describe your design style?
I would describe my designs as colorful, glamourous, and soulful. To me, eclectic means minimizing the importance of eras and instead playing up the way certain elements work together in a space. Designing eclectically forces me to work with shapes, colors, and scale in a fresh and non-traditional way.

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What was the thought process when styling the wallpapers of this collection?
I really enjoyed working with the Woodland Forest design. I wanted to see how it would look in a casual, quirky space. I think the room feels a little "funky-grandma" in a very cool way. I changed the colorways of the design to be more soothing so that I could punch up some accents in the furniture. I love the large scale of the wallpaper mixed with the medium scale striped sofa. I think living in this space would make me smile.

The most important step for me when designing for clients is listening to their priorities. If they are requesting dramatic, I might select a large-scale animal print. If they want classic then I'm drawn to a chinoiserie, landscape, or nature motif. I'm looking forward to using these beautiful designs in my client's homes. It is such a lovely collection with so much personality.

What is the most important thing you need to think about when choosing wallpaper?

Wallpaper is my very favorite jumping off point for a space. It helps me express the vibe and mood of the room and gives voice to my client's style.

Tips for getting a good interior mix?
Rather than being a slave to trends, I suggest we surround ourselves with things that we love, and which tell our personal story, This will result in a timeless and personal home aesthetic. Optionally, sprinkling in a few trends on top of this keeps it fun and fresh.  

Where do you get your inspiration?

I get most of my inspiration from travel, books, magazines, and social media. I'm also a military spouse who has lived all over the US and spent a little time abroad. These experiences have influenced my eclectic sense of style.

How does your work as a designer affect your way of decorating your home?
There is a symbiotic relationship between the way I decorate my own house and how I decorate for my clients. Most people come to me for bold, beautiful rooms, because they have seen how I've decorated my own home. That often gives me the liberty to try daring designs in my client's homes because they have learned to trust the process.