How to wallpaper a ceiling

Wallpaper is fantastic to use to elevate your space. Adding wallpaper to the ceiling is an unexpected feature that gives your room personality, color and can turn your space into a work of art. Why limit your passion for art and design to your walls when you can use your ceilings as a canvas? 

Let’s get started

We know that it sounds tricky to wallpaper your ceiling, but it’s easier than you think. To help you, here’s a small guide of what to think about before you start wallpapering.


Make sure that your ceiling has a smooth surface. Any texture under the wallpaper will show through and make your wallpaper look wrinkly and uneven. If this is the case, sandpaper your ceiling and fill in potential imperfections. Make sure your ceiling is clean by finishing off with detergent.

Identify the space

How does your ceiling look? Are there any holes, lights or other distractions that you have taken in consideration when applying your wallpaper?

Ask for help

We recommend at least two people doing this task. It’s easier and more fun with some extra help.

Where to start

If you start from the left side of the design - begin with strip number 1 and work your way upwards in numerical order.

If you start from the right side of the design - retrieve the last roll and take out the final strip. This strip is located at the innermost part of the last roll. Then, work your way downwards in numerical order.

Different shapes

If your ceiling is in an irregular shape, start by placing the longest strips first and work from there.

Installation of your ceiling wallpaper

  1. Prepare and mark your ceiling

Cut the individual strips. Note that they're printed in different directions.

Tips. The easiest way is to lay out your rolls on the floor from left to right and check your design. The rolls are numbered for your convenience.

Now mark your ceiling to make sure you install your wallpaper correctly. It is important that the first strip of wallpaper is absolutely straight since this is going to be your guide.

  1. Paste the ceiling

Apply a thin layer of non-woven glue directly to the ceiling where the first strip will be placed. You can apply slightly more outside the drawn line in preparation for the second strip.

  1. Apply the wallpaper

The most challenging thing about wallpapering the ceiling is that it’s hard to do two things at once while fighting gravity. Therefore we recommend doing it with a friend. Preferably, one of you unfolds the roll while the other smooths with the brush.

Place your first strip aligned with the drawn line and get rid of any air bubbles. Apply glue for the second strip and place it edge to edge, as close as possible, without overlapping. Remove any excess glue with a damp sponge.

Tips. Use a seam roller once you've placed two strips edge to edge, to ensure no seams are visible once the wallpaper is completely dry.

  1. Remove excess

Cut and remove any residual leftovers from the wallpaper. Make sure to use a straight edge to cut against, always with a very sharp knife. Voilà!

See more inspiration of wall murals in the ceiling

Depending on your vision and style, BelarteSTUDIO got you covered. We believe that design and art comes in all different types of shapes, motives and colors. It is all about finding your own personal style and embracing it. We help you with scale and sizing your ceiling wallpaper so that it fits your home. Contact us if you want to make your 5th wall come to life.

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