Add color to a neutral home

Integrating color into a neutral home becomes an exciting design journey, where the tranquility of japandi harmonizes with the vitality of carefully selected colors. Whether choosing subtle pastels or bold accents, the goal is to create a timeless and distinctive space that resonates with the personal essence. The versatile nature of japandi design acts as a blank canvas, eagerly awaiting your unique touch, transforming your living room into a genuine reflection of personality.


Our neutral wall murals are the perfect base for any room and are an integral part of our most beloved designs collected under the name BelarteICONS. We celebrate these iconic designs by consistently showing them in new and captivating ways. With patterns like Wood Art, Abstract Sketch and Artistic Petals, they combine simplicity with elements of the neutral aesthetic. This palette of neutral colors creates a calm and sophisticated atmosphere, making them the optimal choice to complement any interior design style. In interior design, the attraction to neutral and Japandi inspired spaces has captured many hearts, and these spaces offer a calm sanctuary from the hysteria of the outside world. 


Japandi wall murals

The minimalist aesthetic, clean lines and natural elements characterize the Japandi style, creating peaceful environments that favor simplicity and balance. While the attraction to muted colors is undeniable, there is a rising tendency that encourages homeowners to embrace the transformative power of color within those design paradigms.

Neutral tones, from white and gray to earthy colors, lay the foundation for japandi. This palette evokes a sense of peace and allows the space to breathe and resonate with a timeless elegance. The Japandi philosophy is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design and celebrates the simplicity, functionality and beauty of natural materials. The question then is why introduce color into a space that thrives on its understated elegance? The answer lies in the desire to incorporate warmth, personality and a touch of vibrancy without compromising the calm essence of japandi. It is about finding the delicate balance between the soothing neutrals of the existing palette and the expressive power of carefully selected colors.


Interior Accents 

To elevate your home decor to new standards, consider integrating vibrant colors in the form of a wallpaper, which will be a perfect complement to the neutral base. By using wallpaper as a focal point, you can change the visual dynamics of the room without overstimulating the senses. A colorful accent wall, an intensely colored piece of furniture or an eye-catching rug can be important elements to create focus and give the room personality and vibrancy, while maintaining the overall balance of the japandi style. The result is both calm and inviting, while adding a personal touch that is unique to you.

Make it personal

The ceiling is a significant part of the room that is sometimes overlooked. An option is to wallpaper the ceiling to give the room a unique touch. Keeping the ceiling neutral creates an open and airy atmosphere while allowing you to experiment with color and pattern elsewhere. Painting a wall in a bold and vibrant color provides a dynamic contrast to the neutral ceiling and other walls. The choice of color can reflect your personality and give the room a personal touch.

Let your personality shine through by picking out some personalized items in color, whether it's candle holders or handmade ceramics. They will be great elements to break up the neutral and create a vibrant atmosphere.


Adding color to a neutral home is an invitation to explore the wide range of design possibilities. It's all about creating a harmonious blend where the serenity of japandi meets the energy of carefully selected colors. Whether you prefer soft pastels or bold accents, the key is to create a timeless and unique space that resonates with your soul. The beauty of japandi lies in its adaptability. It is like a canvas waiting for your personal touch, making your home a reflection of your personality.