Styling inspiration - BelarteICONS Pastel Dreams

Styling inspiration - How to style a long lasting kids room

The second part of belarte ICONS- Pastel Dreams is a mix of our previous Bold Pastels and graphic black & white designs but styled for a younger audience.

This collection again features some of our most beloved designs in new settings. We have gathered some styling tips of how to use the designs in a kids/tween room. Perfect to create a room that appeals to a child but can be styled and transformed to a more mature room as they get older. This creates an easy and sustainable way of using design in the best possible way. 

Read more to get styling tips and inspiration on how to decorate with our Pastel Dreams ICONS. We constantly get inspired by how interior designers, customers and partners interpret our designs in their homes and projects. Our designs are timeless and can be styled in multiple ways according to your own personal liking. Here are some ways to do it.

Black & White

A color combination that never gets old. Easy to combine with other accent colors. Inspiration from Daniela aka @danielatascayork and how she created a playful but still elegant room for her daughter Bambi. The wallpaper Abstract Sketch has been combined with panelling and hidden cabinets.

Abstract Sketch had enough playfulness for a kids room but also felt like a design that would be timeless enough that we wouldn't have to worry about changing in a few years as she gets older – a room to grow with her.

” If I was a room instead of a girl, I would be this one”
- Bambi 

Bright Pastels

The pastel-colored wallpapers are a perfect fit for a kids room and can easily be transformed to a bold and modern teens room as they grow older. With inspiration from 80 ́s aesthetic and contemporary designers these wallpapers combine both softness and playfulness. Choose between bold graphics or more subtile with the curved panelling that creates the illusion of being three dimensional.

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Bold Vintage

Or choose a more traditional wallpaper aesthetic that are vintage inspired. This way you get a more modern take on botanicals that are both playful and bold. Choose between bold colors or more neutral ones depending on what your child feels at heart.

My client for the "One Room Challenge" was a 11 year old girl with a love for the color blue. The Citrus design is so fun and whimsical with a unique periwinkle blue color palette to draw from.

“I chose this Citrus Tree mural from Belarte Studio in this tween room design as the pattern can continue to grow with Colbie as her needs and interests change.  This whimsical design is sustainable and fun for all ages!”

- Natalie Papier