Vibrant living room

Colorful living rooms are becoming increasingly popular as we get braver with our color choices and strive to decorate in bold ways to make our homes unique. A place to relax and feel welcoming, the living room is a wonderful place to express your personal style and set the tone for the whole home. Whether you choose a uniform color idea or experiment with bold color combinations and playful contemporary furniture, we've gathered some inspiring ideas for a colorful living room in different styles.



The softness of pastel colors makes them a popular choice for those who want to create an inviting and comfortable environment. Because of their subtle elegance and the calming atmosphere they convey, a sense of relaxation is created with pastels wall murals. The pastel tones have the ability to make it easy on the eyes and give the impression of a more airy space, which can be particularly appealing in smaller spaces where you want to avoid feeling crowded.  

Light reflection: Take advantage of pastels' ability to reflect light to make the room with contemporary wall murals like Bold Shapes och Abstract Astronomy feel bright and fresh. By reflecting light in one way, the room can feel larger and more vibrant. 

Customization: A timeless aesthetic that often lasts over time and does not become outdated rapidly. A style that allows adaptation to different styles, so no matter which wallpaper you choose, it gives your home a timeless and fresh feeling to the home. Their neutral undertones make them easy to pair with different styles and patterns. They can be used in both modern and traditional interior design concepts and blend well with different materials and furniture, leaving room for creativity and design variation.



Embracing a conceptual fusion of the moody and artistic in the living room gives rise to a fascinating and personalized interior. Here, the room becomes not just a place to be, but rather an artistic expression that plays out in every detail and nuance.

Colors: In a moody living room, the color palette is a key component. Deep, muted tones that merge with rich shades of artistic inspiration create a moody atmosphere.

Artistic accent: At the center of this concept are abstract wall murals. The walls become a canvas for expressive brushstrokes and contrasting shapes that bring the room to life. Great wall murals examples are Geometric Shades and Artistic Petals. The wall murals not only create an impression, but each shade and shape has its own story to tell.

Furniture: Unique furniture with interesting shapes and textures become elements that enhance the artistic theme. Different eras and styles are mixed to create an eclectic collection of furniture that gives the room its characteristic artistic touch.



In the quest to create a vibrant and joyful atmosphere at home, many of us are now looking towards a contemporary and vibrant living room. It is an exploration of how colors can interact to create a constant energy and joy in our daily lives.

The color palette: For colorful living rooms, set the tone with vibrant wall murals where every shade and detail plays an important role. The wall murals should be bold like Woodland Forest and in vibrant colors just like Distant Love, the furniture can dance in harmony. The room becomes a place where colors not only exist but speak for themselves. Strong and bold colors will be key in creating a vibrant space.

Interior: Each piece of furniture has its own role to play, contributing to the overall aesthetic and energy. Sofas and chairs become not just places to sit but an expression of personality and style. Where every detail contributes to the whole. Patterns and textures become the language that this living room speaks. Geometric shapes and abstract design elements create a multitude of impressions. It is as if the room expresses itself through these patterns, and they become not only decorative but also a matter of course for the living room. 



A living room is not just a room but an opportunity to express your personality and create a space where you feel alive. With bold color choices, creative furniture and playful details like contemporary wall murals, you can turn your living room into a place that not only welcomes you every day, but also inspires and delights you. Contemporary wall murals play a crucial role in achieving this dynamic and lively aesthetic. Express yourself through color and shape, and let your living room become a living reflection of your unique style and personality.