How to achieve the Scandinese style with wall murals

Welcome to a world of harmony and simplicity, where warm and inviting details meet minimalist design. This is the Scandinese style, a perfect blend of Japanese elegant minimalism and Scandinavian functional beauty. These two styles, each with its distinct origins, come together to create an enchanting atmosphere that fosters relaxation and inner peace.




Scandinavian minimalism is known for its clean and airy design,emphasizing the creation of spaces that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It employs neutral colors and natural materials, complemented by furniture with rounded shapes, to nurture an inviting and comfortable atmosphere.

Elegant Japanese minimalism, on the other hand, aims to maintain a clean and simple design, reducing distractions. Neutral colors and natural materials are preferred here as well, and is combined with furniture arranged to create spaciousness in the rooms. In Japanese design, empty spaces hold as much significance as the filled ones. The result of these styles is a harmonious fusion of East and West, where organic shapes and warm tones blend with cool and soothing shades. This fusion becomes a style that achieves a perfect balance between form and function. Curious about how to bring this unique style to your home? Let us help you get started.


Elevate the Everyday

Home is a sanctuary, a place of simplicity and balance. It's an oasis where you can reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. It's where you embrace the presence of tranquility. To achieve this aesthetic, every aspect, from furniture to wall murals and even decor, must be meticulously selected. By surrounding yourself with fewer but well-chosen objects, you create an inviting environment. Light wall murals and large-scale patterns embody modern minimalism and timeless elegance. Consider Graphic Clay in the color Sand, featuring a handcrafted pattern crafted from various colored stoneware clays to elevate your home.


Warm It Up

Introduce warmth into a space and cultivate a cozy atmosphere through the use of softer lighting. This is gentle on the eyes and counteracts any sense of coldness or impersonality.  

Wall murals like Shifting Shapes or Aquarelle Structure add an embracing warmth. Textiles such as plush rugs and soft pillows can instantly transform a room's ambiance. A warm color palette with shades like terracotta brown, beige, light yellow, and soft pink contributes to the inviting feel of the room.



Prioritize Curves and Texture

To create a room with soul and unique character, it's essential to go beyond mere cleanliness and functionality and instead embrace decoration with form and texture. By carefully selecting shapes, a balance between strict lines and a harmonious blend of contrasts is achieved. It should feel like a dance between the soft and the hard, where each element complements the other, creating a sense of movement for the eye to capture.

To extend the feeling of movement, wall murals like Clay Shapes and Arches can be used to create a 3D illusion for the eye. This not only gives the room a unique character but also adds dimension, making the room feel alive.



Mix Metallic and Transparent Materials

Incorporating metallic elements like polished copper or brushed steel adds dimension and depth to rooms. Transparent materials such as glass or acrylic reflect light in different ways, creating variations in tone and shadows for a fascinating visual dynamic.



Include Colorful Accents

Adding a contrasting color creates a harmonious yet interesting environment. Green and blue can be most appealing, as they remind us of nature, while purple tones can evoke the sea. A gentle green hue harmonizes beautifully with natural materials.

For a smooth shift from a balanced neutral foundation to an infusion of color, choose a subdued shade and intensity—a lighter rendition of the color that doesn't command as much attention as a bolder hue would. When choosing to add colors to a home, it might be preferable to tone down the room with a calmer wall mural that doesn't dominate the space. For this purpose, wall murals in beige tones work best; the Travertine wall mural is optimal for imparting a tranquil atmosphere to the walls of a room with colors.



Welcome Home to Harmony

A home should be more than just four walls and a ceiling. It should be a place to recover from the challenges of everyday life and reconnect with inner peace. Upon opening the door and stepping over the threshold, tranquility should be the first feeling encountered. Wall mural designs can create a sense of spaciousness and order, while natural materials and earthy colors provide a Scandinese feeling of security and closeness to nature.