People of Belarte - Amy Koehn

In the realm of interior design and luxury living, one name has steadily risen to prominence – Amy Koehn, the driving force behind KoehnDesign. With two decades of invaluable experience alongside esteemed builders and developers, Amy has left a mark on the landscape of custom homes.

Amy's journey began after graduating with honors from the University of Alberta Residential Interior Design Program. Her impressive academic achievements paved the way for collaborations with Alberta's most renowned luxury builders, setting the stage for a career dedicated to the pursuit of design excellence.

With a profound understanding of the interplay between construction, design, and build, Amy has opened her doors to clients across Canada. KoehnDesign, under her expert guidance, now undertakes over 100 projects annually, earning its place as one of Canada's most high-performing interior design firms.

What sets KoehnDesign apart is its comprehensive approach, boasting a full design/build firm and a curated selection of furniture and decor lines. Amy's ability to seamlessly bring her vision to life is what we find so inspiring. We are proud to present Amy as one of the interior designers who are using belarteSTUDIO wall murals for her stunning projects. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Amy Koehn and I am the principal and owner of Koehndesign. I am a certified Interior Designer with over 20 years of experience. 

What is the best thing about your work?

The best thing about my work is that I get to create beauty for a living. I love to inspire people and I think that living in beautiful environments is so life-giving.

What is your favorite wall mural and why?

I love the Scenic Landscape wall mural in blue. We actually installed this specific design from belarteSTUDIO in our home recently. The scenic landscape wall mural is perfect for our daughter's nursery. 

Our daughter is our rainbow baby, a miracle. We chose this wall mural because it feels whimsical and dreamy. The nursery is a beautiful space that reflects this little life we were given which was baby Vienna. I think wall murals are very multidimensional and can make you feel like you’ve been transported into a story in a sort of way. Wall murals evoke so much feeling.

Besides the wall mural we chose for Vienna’s room we have also used the Vintage Landscape in beige, the Artistic Lines in white, and clay shapes in white.

How do you incorporate the client's personal style and preferences into wallpaper selection?

Everything I do is about enhancing the clients life and wellbeing through interior design. We always take who the clients are into consideration and enhance it. We like to magnify who the clients are with art that reflects them and their personality. This is often done with color or with a specific mood in mind - what feeling do we want this particular room to create?

What does your design process look like for a new project?

My design process is very much about finding the feeling the client is missing in their space, and from there creating the right feeling. I like to work with layers, warmth and soft colors.

Clients can usually tell me very quickly how they want a room to make them feel. When we know what kind of feeling they are looking for, we work from this in order to present a full design that is layered to create this, and also to ultimately enhance their environment. A place they can thrive in and that makes them feel their absolute best.

Clients often have the confidence in my art and to let me run with what steps I feel will achieve this - and we never let them down. Our projects & spaces all create so much emotion - it’s truly beautiful.

What would be your dream project to do as an interior designer?

Honestly I don’t have just one dream project at the moment. Every time I meet a new client I feel so blessed to be able to enhance their life through interior design. Every project feels like a new canvas and nothing I do is the same. Projects are always a mixture of people, memories, where they come from, what they love, how they live and what inspires them. There are a lot of experiences that play a part in the perfect design. All previous factors mentioned, mixed with my vision makes each feel like art every time. It’s like I’m painting across a canvas for each client- individually.