People of Belarte - Emelie Wikström

Mother & stylist Emelie Wikström invited us to their beautiful house in the south of Sweden. By day she works as a Fashion stylist and also has a lifestyle profile on social media. She has recently created two playful yet beautiful kidsroom for her two boys, Hugo and Otto. We had the opportunity to chat with her to get to know more about her and her best tips for decorating a kids room.

How does your work as a stylist affect your way of decorating your kids room?
Maybe I have some kind of eye for details.. I'm a creative person and like to make it beautiful around me and my family. 

What mural did you choose and how come you choose it?
I choose the House in (Yellow) for Otto and the Dinosaur Land (in multicolor) for Hugo and I love them.

Tips and tricks on how to design a kids room? Any do's and don'ts?
First of all don't forget that it's actually a kids room. Make it playful and fun and do not forget all the toys. Try to make it peaceful and create a place where they can have a rest in and to calm down.

What would you say to anyone who's thinking about getting a wall mural but hasn't decided yet?
I would go for choosing 3 different designs that you like and then you will see which one you like the most and simply go for that one. Or ask your kids which one they want it's actually their space.

Any final words or piece of advice?
I have been hesitant in choosing wall murals before but when I started I never have regretted  it. You get so happy with it, it's simply the best way to transform a room and to make it personal.