People of Belarte - Kate Pearce

This time we have teamed up with Kate Pearce, interior designer and blogger at She specializes in vintage filled eclectic interiors, with a focus on 20th century design. She lives in her 1899 Queen Anne-style home characterized by high ceilings and intricate moldings  in Chicago, Illinois with her two little girls, husband Billy and their two old dogs. 

What mural did you choose and how did you went about to style it?

I chose the geometric shades mural for our dining room. I loved that the color palette was fun, yet not overpowering and the graphic print pulled a modern element into the space without feeling anachronistic. I decided to use it on the ceiling as a way to pull the eye up towards those high ceilings. I felt this print on the wall may have felt overpowering, but used on the ceiling it feels both unexpected and restrained. I think this paper would also be amazing on the walls in a small scale space like a bathroom or a powder room.

Where do you get inspiration?

I have been wanting to use burgundy/eggplant tones for a while now, and I loved that the wallpaper also had black, blue and white in it so I could easily tie in some neutral elements to the space. It allowed me to keep the moldings and doors in the space white without feeling too stark. I'm not sure that I pulled any direct inspiration from anywhere, but I have been inspired by the eggplant colors I have been seeing on Pinterest used in older period homes.

What’s the best thing with wallpaper according to you?

The wallpaper is beautiful and a very high quality paper with a great matte finish, but I think my favorite aspect is how unusual it is. Most graphic papers feel too contemporary to use in a period home, but the more traditional color palette, combined with the geometric print allowed me to use this fun, modern paper seamlessly in our turn-of-the-century home.

What would you say to anyone who’s thinking about getting a wall mural but haven’t decided 100% yet?

I would say go for it! They are such a fun way to add some personality to a space and to give your room some dimension. if you're not totally sold on using a mural, try using it in a smaller space, or on a ceiling as I did so you don't feel too committed to living with the pattern 24/7. I love that I can pop into my dining room to appreciate this gorgeous mural, but the graphic nature of the print isn't visible to me throughout the day.

If someone is interested in seeing more of your projects in the future where can they find you?

You can follow my journey @katepearcevintage on Instagram, or subscribe to my blog at