People of Belarte - Moa Stener

Moa Stener aka @moastener is working as a buyer for a fashion multibrand store called Joel Jolina. It consists of three boutiques in Borås, Sweden and is a family run business. Her interest for fashion and interior has been there since she was a child. She now lives with her fiancé and french bulldog Billie in a house from 1960 with a typical Swedish architectural design from that time period. 

Hi Moa and thanks for inviting us to your home, when would you say your interests for interior started and how?                                                                    
Hi and thank you for coming.
My interior design interest has always been there side by side with the fashion interest. I started working at Joel Jolina when I was 21-years old after adventures in Stockholm and Paris. I then studied to become a buyer and and worked within PR before I went back to the store in 2016. Aesthetics has been a passion since I was a child and I love expressing myself trough fashion and interior.
Can you tell us about your house and the architecture.                                         
Since we started browsing for houses this was the type of house we wanted to have. We had the time to look around a while but when we found this house at a time in our life where we weren’t thinking about moving we just couldn’t resist. It was love at first sight. Clean lines, open spaces, original details from the ’60s and we just fell for it right away.                                                                                         

How would you describe your interior style?                                                         
Im not sure Im following a specific style however I do think my style is based on the traditional Scandinavian.  I’ve tried to let the house and the architecture shine and to not use too much furniture. I like to be minimalistic with a touch of southern European styling.                                                                                          
Do you have a specific interior design philosophy and where do you find your inspiration?                                                                                                                 
As I mentioned I have a minimalistic mindset, I like when certain decor or object are allowed to take proper place in a room. I therefore try to find unique objects for the home that I know I will value during a long period of time. I find most of my inspiration on instagram and social media in general. I follow a wide range of accounts to get a width and find new perspectives.                                                   

Whats your thoughts when buying decor or furniture how do you think regarding investments in your home?                                                                     
I love lamps and know we will keep these for years, therefor I like to invest in designer pieces of this kind. When it comes to furniture I also have this mindset, we don’t rush to buy things we make conscious investments. I love finding unique objects from when we travel, all sorts of things, everything from candle holders to larger furniture. We have lots of objects that reminds us of happy memories and different occasions in life.                                                                                            
In what ways would you say the Japandi Collection and the wall murals you have chosen are appealing to you?                                                                         
This collection feels just right to for me and our home. I have actually made art pieces similar to the more sculptural looking designs, I really enjoy this type of aesthetic. I’ve been a little hesitant towards wallpaper, but this has really opened my eyes. I feel inspired by the possibilities and expressions you can create with wall murals. This is indeed something I will invite into my home from now on.