People of Belarte - Samuel Andersson


Samuel is a decorator, creator and florist and in 2020 he started his own flower shop, Stjaelk. After many years of commuting to Stockholm he decided to leave his full-time job and the big city behind and start something of his own. Samuel wanted to work as a craftsman and added a florist qualification to his resumé and today he runs his own shop. Here he creates works for big events but also for private customers where he focuses on creating a unique floral experience.

We invited Samuel to interpret our Dark Elegance collection to share ideas with you on how to enhance your interior as well as your flowers.


Would you like to tell us a little about how you normally find inspiration for your creations?

To get inspired and create a floral experience through a theme, a collection or a person is something I do every day. Regardless of if it's a bouquet for a birthday party or a product launch. My work is about doing a creative interpretation.

I get inspired by the client, company or assignment I get. For this I search for inspiration from all over the world. I can get as inspired by colors in a floral arrangement for a wedding as I could get by the shapes of work created by a ceramicist.

”My intention was to create flowers that harmonised in color but had a softer shape as a contrast to the straight lines in the wallpaper design. This was to really let the wallpaper take the lead”

- Samuel Andersson - Stjaelk

How was the process of working with our wallpapers, what caught your attention from this collection?

I always try to remember that first gut feeling I get when I start with a new project, then I hold on to that feeling during the entire process. Daring to fulfil your idea is important for me. For the geometrical patterns my intention was to create flowers that harmonised in color but had a softer shape as a contrast to the straight lines in the wallpaper design. This was to really let the wallpaper take the lead.

For the zebra inspired pattern I choose the blue color as a base and to enhance it. I gave the pattern even more dimension by using different shades of blue. I added contrasts with the orange color and the foil that traditionally doesn’t belong in the bouquet. I wanted the flowers to become a part of the wallpaper as much as I wanted it to enhance it.

”I wanted the flowers to become a part of the wallpaper as much as I wanted it to enhance it”

- Samuel Andersson - Stjaelk


What are your tips for choosing flowers for your home? How do you dare to go all in but still keep it unitary?

I like to work with contrasts. It could be shapes or colours. To make an impact you should decide on what you want to enhance. Is it a color or a shape? Do you want to enhance the color of the wallpaper? If so, my suggestion is to use it in tonals for your bouquet and make it stand out with a pop of contrast color. Let the process be filled with lust and dare to do what you feel like. You decide what’s right or wrong, trust your gut instinct and follow through with your idea all the way.

What are some plants to have at home that are easy to take care of and still colorful?

Even if a lot of followers are easy to take care of, there are also a lot of plants with colorful leaves. I'd like to suggest Begonia Rex, Calathea and Caladium. They all come in various colors and are easy to take care of.

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What would you say to those who really didn’t get a green thumb?

There are plants for everyone, the kaktus is of course easy. But the feeling of not having a green thumb or that every plant just dies usually happens because you don’t have the right environment for the plant and this is usually because of misinformation. But this can easily change! Next time you're out shopping for flowers make sure you go to a florist that can share advice on how to take care of your plant. With some luck you might end up with a green thumb along the way.

How can you be kind to the environment when shopping for flowers and plants?

See your plants as an investment and take good care of them. Shop by season, many seasonal flowers can be picked locally. Ask your florist about what’s in season at the moment. Make sure you get all the information you need on how to take care of your plants or your flowers and how to make them last as long as possible. Flowers are not wear and tear objects.
Read a bit of your plants and make sure you have a good base with knowledge on how to take care of your plants for
many years to come.