The Story Behind - Mediterranean Essence

Drawing inspiration from traditional expressions originating from the Mediterranean, our latest collection ’Mediterranean Essence’ captures its abundant aesthetic and craft in a modern blend. With warm toned colors and authentic patterns, a certain harmony is discovered.

The Mediterranean is known to be rich in both culture and nature. When thinking of these locations the mind tends to lean toward its clear, turquoise water as well as vineyards and beautiful architecture. The characteristics of Mediterranean style is timeless simplicity in symbiosis with historic elegant design and bright spaces, usually with warm woods, stone or ceramic details. The contemporary style that interior designers referrer to as ’Mediterranean’ mainly draws inspiration from Greece, Italy and Spain. One of the main styles is called ’Modern Mediterranean’. Where traditional attributes are combined with a modern twist; old features together with new ones. This is where we see these wall murals being situated.

We see our wall murals as the centerpieces styled with traditional architecture such as exposed beams, arched walkways and airy spaces. A place where stylish minimalistic meets sophisticated tranquility, suitable for any room in your home.

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From the organic brush strokes in a tile-like pattern to the sketch based designs, these wall murals are derived from this aesthetic with an abstract, artistic approach. This collection is a proud collaboration with designer Josefine Wilgren. She refers to the collection as ’a homage to the extraordinary style’. The idea for a pattern collection that originates from this theme was sparked during a trip to the Croatian city Zadar, surrounding her with incredible architecture, food and sceneries. One of the designs ”Olive”, a silhouette of an olive tree, was first sketched from an actual tree outside of the house where she vacationed. Other influences that are captured in the collection are the tiles and textured walls, both very common decorative aesthetics from the south of Europe.

The color scheme for this collection contains a great deal of muted warm tones. Colors appealing to a sense of comfort and serenity while still containing a great sense of personality, colorful yet calm to put it plainly. Whether you are looking for a bold statement or a neutral, softer feeling you will find something to match your vibe.

Fully embrace the mediterranean aesthetic by combining these artistic wall murals together with the right interior. The Modern Mediterranean style is a forgiving style considering its smooth blend of materials and origins. You want to create a warm and inviting ambience, with an interesting and personal touch. Here are 5 styling tips we think you should consider in your mediterranean home:

Natural materials

The core to the Mediterranean style is the use of a majority of natural materials. Here we are talking lots and lots of wooden details, mixing colors as long as they have an authentic look. Clay and ceramics are frequently used here as well. The structures and neutral colors work really well together, so it is hard to over do it. It works great in details as well, for instance terracotta is a lovely material in big floor pots and vases. Natural stone is very welcome in this category as well. Marble and sandstone are popular choices for an authentic look. It is about creating that effortless and warm aura which is a really good base for any home interior.

Light colored textiles

The use of textiles should be considered a complement to the rougher materials in order to soften up the room and create a soothing atmosphere. Use bright and natural colors, to grasp an embracing feeling. Why not include a textile with a little structure and organic look? Perhaps linen or jute for your curtains.

Pop of color / centre piece

For the more modern expression use a wallpaper as a centre piece. Use ’Tiles’ a great choice for a bombastic, artistic look that integrates excellent with the subtle natural materials and light textiles. Or maybe “Olive” for a breathtaking organic expression, either in the confident black color or the yellow for a strategic popping effect.

Form & Shape

To create a more intriguing style you can make great use of ornate furniture, which have been described as decorative but functional. It is common to have smaller, carefully handpicked components such as stools, lamps or benches. They are preferably placed in pairs to keep the decoration symmetrical and to make this calming style more dynamic. We suggest thinking outside the box here and look for more sophisticated and sculptural shapes that may not be conventional. Suitably more organic forms that are not too sharp. Here is where you show off your greatest vintage findings!

Dark details

Lastly you can complement the tips above with a few dark details. This is to create a little more depth and individuality to the room. Carefully accessorize with vases, sculptural artwork or side tables spread out evenly in the space for good balance. Here you can use contrasting materials for instance metal for a rustic look or glass for a glossy surface.

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