The story behind - Modern Stripes

Modern stripe is a versatile collection with an international and luxurious vibe. With inspiration from traditional stripes, one of the most used patterns in wallpaper design, we have chosen to take things one step further. The stripe has beed modified and deconstructed in many ways to create contemporary and modern designs.

With inspiration from art and architecture but also more unexpected sources like furniture and different objects we have captured qualities like three dimensionality and depth into designs like curved wall panel and irregular stripe. We have also experimented with graphic designs and truly used the full pontential of digital print by embracing irregularity and large scale repeats.

With colors like dark burgundy, ochre yellow and dusty blue together with black and white, we have created soft fadings and interesting irregularities to combine playfulness and elegance. Modern stripes is an elegant yet playful collection that can be mixed in various ways both in home environment and public spaces.

These designs can with pleasure be used in smaller spaces to create the appearance of the space being larger than it really is. Living in a big city with a small and limited amount of space or decorating a hotel room where you want to capture a luxurious feeling? If so we would suggest you to go for the faded stripes or the soft fadings in the color ways that appeals to you. Vertical lines are also typically used to create the feeling of height and can easily be placed in a room to give it the appearance of a higher ceiling.

Our curved wall panels can be used in a strict environment just like our ochre curved wall panel have been used in a showroom for MG electronic cars to create a softer and warmer environment. We can also see it being applied in a gender neutral kids room. For a more bold look our black and whites like the abstract sketch or the Linear contrast is definitely to be considered. We have added it to classical elegant spaces to add that contemporary touch and a fun contrast.

The combinations are as always limitless and it all comes back to what your personal style and preferences. Get inspired by more combinations and how to style this collection at our pinterest.

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