Story Behind - Eclectic Bohemian

Our latest collection emanates from the concept of individualism, a form of expression through the personification of reality and interpretation of personalities, responding to and overcoming barriers imposed by society. It’s a fearless collection with an artsy feel for all of you daredevils out there who rejoice in giving the middle finger to the unspoken implied rules of the establishment.

The inspiration for the designs derives from the eclectic interior aesthetic where anything goes, one that truly embraces the combinations of different patterns, materials, and colors. It’s a collection for all of you detail aficionados that appreciate the value of interior storytelling.

We proudly present the next chapter of belarteSTUDIO, Eclectic Bohemian.

Just like the eclectic interior aesthetic, the inspiration is all over the place. There is an absolute flurry of talented artists and interior designers that have embraced eclecticism and made everything from one-room studio apartments to giant hotel lobbies look absolutely stunning by combining a vast array of styles, textures, and colors.

While on the topic of conversation starters and bold colors, the talented artist and mural designer Abel Mac does not go unnoticed. He calls himself a “visual problem-solver” and his breathtaking art can be seen in magnificent places like the LA Proper Hotell. His work fits right into the category of eclectic bohemian, a genre that entices the usage of colorful elements in a mixed interior style setting.

We cannot all be great artists, the world needs accountants and firefighters as well. But the two mentioned above are fantastic sources of inspiration if you wish to be an interior storyteller outside of office hours. Your home is unique and should reflect your personality, without the opinionated boundaries of others, make sure you make it your very own.

Eclecticism stems from the greek word eklektikos, which means selective. The first ever recorded practice of the concept dates back to the ancient greek and roman philosophers who refused to attach themselves to any existing indoctrinated systems. Instead, they found themselves cherry-picking beliefs from whatever philosophies most resonated with their ideologies.

This is a flagrant behavioral discrepancy compared to the more common herd mentality, where people get influenced by their peers. The Eclectic Bohemian wallpaper collection is inspired by the philosophy of the individualistic mindset wielded by these men and invites you to be part of the movement.

With that being said, we’re not trying to discourage the adoption of trends, but instead, encourage individualism and the usage of whatever interior decor you hold dear, regardless of the current opinion of the herd.

Design & Interior tips
The mural designs of this collection tell familiar stories with surprising twists. They consist of vibrant color palettes with motifs you might expect to find on a wallpaper, such as trees and florals, but if you look closer, you will find hidden creatures and unexpected elements to peak your curiosity.

The combination of the expected and the unexpected elements in the motifs could be considered an homage to the eclectic way of decorating. This is the very clash that made us fall in love with this exhilarating interior aesthetic. The surprising fact that you may find a see-through plexiglass design chair in a 19th-century Spanish Finca, paired with a vintage dining table and a contemporary wall mural, makes our hearts skip a beat.

No matter the size or classification of your residence, the Eclectic Bohemian wall mural collection offers the perfect backdrop to start an eclectic interior venture of your own. And if you are new to the eclectic interior game, we have a few suggestions and tips for you.

Before you get started you might want to pick a unifying color. This helps tie together the disparate elements of your room together. Surrounding yourself with color holds immense power and can affect you in different ways depending on personal experience. Make sure to pick a color you feel comfortable with.

Secondly, a great interior hack is to provide a focal point. This can help draw attention to the desired place and make it easier to further drive the style choices for the rest of the room. A focal point could either be a statement piece, a gallery wall, or an amazing belartestudio wall mural.

And lastly, the eclectic crown jewel, mixing styles and genres. This might go without saying, but experimenting with different combinations of colors, textures, and patterns from various time periods is what it’s all about.

Dare to be like the ancient greek and roman philosophers who coined the expression of “eklektikos” and defy the herd mentality unless you agree with their statements and ideologies. If you like what you see, head over to the Eclectic Bohemian collection to see more. If you have any questions regarding the collection or just need some help with your upcoming project, do not hesitate to reach out.