The story behind - Dark Luxe

In conjunction with our collaboration with the glamorous NYC based interior designer Alvin Wayne, we created a new abstract contemporary wall mural collection with masculine and luxurious features. 

This wall mural collection will inspire you to welcome the moody and luxury feel to your home.
Let us present, Dark Luxe.

A collection of existing patterns, in a new colour interpretation, to draw attention to the rapidly upward trend of darker features that almost border on the “gothic-lux” aesthetic. 

Neutral room colours are going back to black.

White may always be a safe fallback, but after the beige and gray of recent years, designers say there's a new neutral in town and we can not have said it better our selves. Invite som dark luxe into your life.

We seldomly give in to trends when creating wall murals, unless it really resonates with us on a personal level. And just like Alvin Wayne’s contagious personality, this really got us hooked.

Don’t get us wrong though, we still absolutely love colourful homes, but there’s just something exhilarating about entering a room and almost giving in to the feeling of being devoured by the darkness.

Every once in a while the time feels just right for a home-improvement or perhaps even an entire overhaul of your livingspace. Regardless of what kind of mission you set out on, wall murals are just too great to be overlooked. And we’re not patting ourselves on the back, bragging about our own products, just wall murals in general.

Just look at Alvin’s latest project. He set out to revamp his bedroom and wanted to change the entire feel of the space. Before even the furniture came to place, this artsy wall mural changed the entire atmosphere in his bedroom, and for some extra drama he extended it and took it to the ceiling.

No matter what room you feel needs a sprucing up, wall murals, if used right, will always deliver. Put it on the wall to bring that background accent that makes the room pop, or even in the ceiling to get a spacious feel that almost gives you micro-fatigue when gazing upwards.

Darker accent wall murals are a great way to anchor the weight of the room alongside the walls to get that encapsulating cozy feeling of being embraced. When feeling a little extra brave, extend it and even dress the ceiling. Add interior and furniture with the amount of colour you want and experiment to steer the feeling of the room in whichever direction you see fit.

If you don’t trust us, listen to the NYC based interior designer, he knows what’s up. This really makes the room come alive in a seamless and adventurous way. In order to not get the sensation of overwhelming heaviness, he used sheets with a lighter hue and added organic colourful flowers to even it out, ending up with an astonishing result.

The aphorism “Time is a currency you can only spend once”, might seem like a cliché. But the fact is that we spend well over 50% of our waking time at home. Make sure the environment you call home is worth spending time in. We’re here to inspire, not tell you what’s right from wrong.

And if you have a few minutes to spare while browsing social media, we strongly recommend you to follow the journey of Alvin Wayne, spreading interior magic, one project at a time. A source of true inspiration. 

Check out the new Contemporary Dark Luxe.

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