The story behind - Minimaluxe

A collection born from a desire to marry elegance with minimalism let us represent the Minimaluxe wall mural collection that embodies a deep reverence for history and tradition nevertheless timeless elegance. Inspired by the timeless motifs found within the textile archives of generations past, our designers embarked on a journey to reinterpret these motifs for the modern era. Each pattern carries with it echoes of the past, imbuing the wall murals with a sense of nostalgia and luxury.




 When creating the wall murals, we were drawn to the timeless appeal and cultural significance of the rich artistic heritage of textile craftsmanship. By incorporating botanical elements and animal life into our designs, we seek to honor the traditional motifs while infusing it with a contemporary aesthetic. Embracing the blend of chocolate browns, roasted hazelnuts, and camel tones against warm white canvases, each wall mural in our collection pays homage to the natural world, capturing the beauty and diversity in a more modern and sophisticated way.

While historical influences are evident, this collection includes various wall mural designs, ranging from organic lines to illustrations of the female form. Inspired by the organic shapes and fluid lines found in nature, our designers have opted out of straight lines in favor of soft curves and intricate patterns. We strive to capture the essence of beauty and harmony found in nature and transfer it to our designs, so that it can bring tranquility into our homes. Our goal is to create a collection that not only appeals to the eye but also touches the soul.

 Creating a space that exudes sophistication while maintaining comfort is how to truly achieve minimaluxe. It's about adding personal style elements, and incorporating extra touches that appeal to something beyond aesthetics. In contrast to minimalism, minimaluxe is not characterized by a lack of possessions, but rather by the thoughtful selection of items that surround you. It's about reducing visual clutter to celebrate and surround yourself with the things that make you feel good everyday. 

Due to the versatility of the wall murals, it will pair well with your vintage treasures as well as your latest modern design classic. It's about choosing wall murals around these carefully chosen pieces to fully appreciate the beauty of the interior. By decluttering slightly, and savoring what remains, you can enhance the elegance and enjoy what's left behind.

For modern design classic interiors, the MinimalLuxe collection integrates seamlessly with sleek lines and minimalist aesthetics.The wall murals serve as statement pieces, anchoring the design while adding depth and interest. These wall murals complete the timeless Minimal Lux interior style, bringing a sense of harmony and completion to the room. Their presence enhances the overall ambiance, tying together the elements of the space and creating a cohesive visual narrative that elevates the modern design aesthetic to new heights.



Adding contrast

In the Minimaluxe space, contrasts are not loud or jarring. Instead, they whisper their presence, adding depth and intrigue to the surroundings. It's the interplay between light and shadow, the delicate balance of soft and hard textures, and the harmonious blend of old and new that define this concept. Take, for instance, a minimalist sofa upholstered in velvet, its smooth surface next to a rustic wooden coffee table adorned with vintage treasures. The contrast between the sleek modernity of the sofa and the charm of the table creates a dynamic tension that captivates the eye.


Similarly, in the realm of color, Minimaluxe thrives on subtle contrasts. Soft, muted tones are punctuated by pops of color, adding visual interest without overwhelming the senses. The gouache drawing technique is a traditional method of painting that involves using opaque watercolors to create rich, vibrant colors and intricate details. The craftsmanship behind the gouache drawing technique adds a sense of character and authenticity to the murals, elevating them from simple wall coverings to works of art. It's the interplay of warm and cool tones that imbue the space with a sense of contrast and sophistication.


The Minimaluxe collection offers wall murals that elevate and enhance any interior with their versatile and adaptable nature. Let its moody yet elegant designs whisk you away to a realm of understated luxury and timeless charm. With each pattern telling a story of history, nature, and craftsmanship, the Minimaluxe collection promises to transform your space into a sanctuary of refined beauty and sophistication.