The story behind - Nordic Structures

Wood has played an essential role in the history of Scandinavian living as well as in our latest collection, Nordic Structures. The core of Scandinavian design lies within simplicity and local crafts and materials. This collection focuses on the materials we love: wood, stone, textile & paper. We have mixed it with other organic materials and creative structures.

”Combining the warmth of wood, the rawness of marble, softness of textiles we have captured the true essence of the modern nordic structures”

We have found a great deal of inspiration in our local surroundings but also many of the small, staycation destinations that have popped up more and more over the globe during covid. A new desire to be able to explore your local surroundings in a way you never done before have caught our attention. Small cabins placed in the forest with beautiful surroundings.
Often minimalistic design with focus of natural materials and architectural elements. With a focus on wellbeing and offline living we want to capture that feeling and translate it into wallpaper designs that can transform your space.

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If you want that wooden cabin feel in your home but do not have the time to redo the the room completely, our wood wallpaper is perfect. With its irregular and organic repeat it capture the fluidity of the natural wooden pattern perfectly.

Rib Wood

Our Rib wood designs are truly an illusion of a real wood rib wood panel. It comes in three different colors, Dark, Brown or White washed oak. We have put our heart into making the designs in the nordic structure collection as close to the original materials as possible and to mimic the shiftings in colors that naturally appears. If you want to be a bit more artistic you should go for the Graphic rib wood, a rib wood design that plays with large scale geometrical shapes and makes your wall to an advanced woodwork piece of art.

Clay art

For this collection we have added two new colors to one of our most beloved wallpapers, Clay art. Those designs works perfectly to combine with real wood elements or some of our own wood designs. Other great choices are Soft Wrinkle or Origami folds. They add both contrast and playfulness while still keeping it minimalistic and balanced.