Green leaved wall mural on the wall of this livingroom. Grey rug. Brown wooden floor. Grey sofa and wooden table

Biophilic Simplicity

10 products

10 products

Get inspired by our second  biophilic collection this time with a wider perspective. We have been zooming in on specific details found in nature captivated by their natural and complex beauty. Organic shapes created by nature itself with beautiful shifting colors and surfaces are transported to the walls of our interiors. Bringing all the positive benefits that nature has to give us.

What is Biophilia ?

Recap of what biophilic thinking is all about - it is proven that we are affected in a good way by surrounding ourself with nature. by embracing biophilic design in our homes we can create spaces that both reduce stress, improve our productivity and make us more creative. What is our home for if not to boost our mental health and make us feel at ease.

Biophilic wall murals

Looking back to our previous biophilic wall mural collection, that we still love, we wanted to widen the perspective of how wall murals within this concept can look like. The inspiration from nature is not as direct as before and we have looked closer on smaller details and surfaces in nature to find hidden treasures that we could develop further into beautiful large scale pieces of art for your walls. We also wanted to embrace a more artistic point of view when creating the wall murals, flirting with abstract art, heavy painted surfaces and materials as wood. With this collection we want to show a alternative way of embracing biophilic design that gives you the opportunity to create a more modern and artistic look

In this collection you can both go all in with the green tones, all the way from ivy green to muted olive tones. Or you can complement the green with some deep browns, rusty terracottaa tones or warm beige, another colorstory from nature that compliment the green beautifully

Biophilic Leaves

Step into a world of subtle beauty with the Biophilic Leaves wall mural, where the humble charm of leaves takes a center stage. This shade, inspired by nature's own masterpieces, captures the elegance and tranquility of leaves in a way that is both understated and sophisticated. The graceful texture of falling leaves and varying lengths creates a sense of movement and dynamism in this wall mural. This stunning wall mural comes in three lovely colors green, green beige and brown beige

Funghi Hills

Funghi Hills wall mural is like a painting of nature's peaceful harmony, capturing the essence of the forest's greenery and the humble beauty of different mushrooms. The fungi pattern in this wall mural is a tribute to nature's elegance. Each fungi is carefully shown with detailed textures and shades.The subtle shifts of light olive give the wall mural a lively and natural feel. It comes in three colors brown, green and light olive

Soft Hills

Dive into the tranquility of nature with this Soft Hills wall mural highlighting landscape hills. This design captures the essence of lush and thriving forests, bringing the refreshing power of greenery into your home. This landscape wall mural comes in two nature inspired colors green and brown