Black and white wall murals for a modern interior. Modern wallpapers in black and white for a contemporary interior. Artistic, graphic or wall art for a minimalistic, maximalistic or any bold interior update

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Black and white wall murals for a modern interior 

Black and white wallpapers will always be a classic choice, the designs are timeless and can be styled in multiple ways that's why they are some of our most popular designs. An unbeatable color composition, beloved by stylists, architects and interior designers all over the world. This collection features some of our most beloved designs.

Whether you are looking for a contemporary, masculine, minimalistic or retro wall mural there is a design that will enhance your decor and create a wow factor in your home. What is your favorite black and white design? Is it a dark and moody one to create a dark interior, maybe a Arasbecato marble choice to create a luxury space or is it a minimalistic design to get that artsy modern home?

Black and white is a classic

Black and white wallpaper is a color combination that can never go wrong. It´s the perfect choice for any type of living room, bedroom or why not add it to the ceiling to transform the space more powerfully. Another great thing about this color combination is that it is ageless. 

You can simply never go wrong with a black and white wall mural from belarteSTUDIO!

This collection contains all our iconic black & white murals that will inspire you. Find best sellers like our Flowline wallpaper design together with our other unique designs for your home or office. Black & White never goes out of style and makes it a contemporary art piece in your home.