travertine wall mural on the walls of this japandi inspired bedroom. white floor, light wood bed with white bedding and brown cushions. Olive tree in a basket standing on the floor and a wood and leather stool by the bed

Japandi x ibiza

12 products

12 products

Belarte Studio proudly presents our latest wall mural collection, Japandi x Ibiza. This is the third iteration of our iconic Japandi collection, a fresh take on the elegant design philosophy, seen from an alternative perspective and placed in a luxurious atmosphere.

This wall mural collection combines colors, textures, and materials inspired by the high-end estates found on the shoreline of Ibiza, with elements from the beloved minimalistic and elegant Japandi aesthetic.

The Japandi x Ibiza wall mural collection fuses the serene elegance of Japandi design with the vibrant Mediterranean ambiance of Ibiza by combining key features from each aesthetic, resulting in an elevated unique visual experience. With an emphasis on tactility, the collection draws inspiration from textures, various wood surfaces, and heavy-veined marbles like travertine. The carefully curated designs evoke not only the illusion of these materials but also showcase an artistic flair that elevates the designs to the next level.


A luxurious design with a simple yet contemporary look to it. Carrying natural beauty with its melange effect features neutral tones of nude and blush. Inspiration taken from the Italian luxury limestone rich of life. Travertine creates a calm feeling to your bedroom.

Clay Shapes 

The chocolate brown wall mural is created by hand from layers of clay in various shapes and depths, creating the perfect 3D illusion. The geometrical pattern brings out the calming warmth of the essence of the clay material and truly embraces the wabi sabi point of view. This wall mural design enables the integration of nature's beauty and the calming essence of Japandi design into your home. Embrace your living room by adding this brown clay design

Marbling Tiles Two

Inspired by large-scale marbles, organic and fluid shapes found in nature and the craftsmanship of Mediterranean tiles, this striking design features swirling wood veins, glimmering ocean and intricate tile pattern. The Marbling Tiles two in green is an organic wall mural that captures the raw and refined aesthetics, perfect for any thoughtful interior.