Warm Botanicals

Warm Botanicals

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12 products

Welcome to the enchanting world of Warm Botanicals, a mesmerizing collection of wall murals that celebrates the timeless allure of warm colors and botanical motifs. At the heart of this collection lies a passion for the embracing and soft atmosphere that warm hues effortlessly create, igniting a sense of joy, energy, and creativity.

In the ever-evolving realms of interiors, fashion, and products, warm colors such as red and peach have emerged as steadfast symbols of happiness and vitality. These hues possess the extraordinary ability to elevate our spirits, nurture our creative souls, and serve as powerful conduits for expressing our deepest emotions.

Peach, crowned as the color of the year, has not just been a passing trend; it's a timeless choice that resonates with those who seek a connection to the warmth of these beautiful tones. Far from fleeting, peach proves to be a versatile companion, harmonizing effortlessly with an array of stunning hues. As we step into a new year, we invite you to explore a fresh and inspiring concept for embracing these wonderful warm tones.

Our passion extends to the fusion of warm colors with traditional motifs, particularly in the captivating forms of chinoiserie and floral designs. The richness and depth of these warm hues enhance the beauty of painted florals, infusing them with an exquisite and contemporary vibe. Whether your space leans towards a more traditional or modern aesthetic, our curated selection of wall mural designs offers options with both darker and lighter main colors. Whichever version you choose, it promises to envelop your space in the same warmth and embrace, defining a unique palette that speaks to your soul.


For those seeking a more modern vibe, consider incorporating dynamic stripes into your design. Modern stripes bring a fresh energy to warm color palettes, creating a dynamic interplay of hues. Additionally, the infusion of artistic petals adds a touch of creativity and sophistication, elevating the overall aesthetic of your space.

Embark on a journey with "Warm Botanicals," where each wall mural is a canvas of warmth, a testament to the enduring appeal of embracing colors that make your heart beat a little faster. Let your surroundings resonate with the energy, joy, and creativity that this collection embodies, and transform your space into a sanctuary of warmth and beauty.


Bring out the grace and charm of our Chinoiserie design inspired by traditional Chinese artistry, this exquisite piece features an array of intricate flowers and foliage. Each petal and leaf is delicately hand-painted. The background provides a soft and inviting canvas for the vibrant blossoms, creating a visually enchanting focal point in any space.  Whether it graces the bedroom, living space or dining nook, allow one of our Chinoiserie wall murals to infuse a dash of timeless beauty into your contemporary home. It comes in Black, Peach, Nude or Rust Red

Artistic Petals

Unleash a burst of creativity onto your walls with our Artistic Petals wall mural. This daring abstract design is crafted with broad, sweeping brushstrokes and with drawing inspiration from lush flower gardens and intricate botanical patterns. The colors do not merely stand alone - they unfold, creating a symphony of hues that harmonize in perfect synchronicity. Artistic Petals captures the essence of modern art through its elevated sense of artistry and distinctive scale. This stunning design come sin six different color combinations

Wild Flowers

Introducing our Wild Flowers wall mural, a captivating portrayal of nature's untamed elegance. Artfully constructed, it highlights carefully painted details and blooming buds that climb gracefully. A beautifully balanced floral spectacle, this wallpaper effortlessly captures attention, filling the space with a dynamic and captivating energy the moment you step into the room. Bring the wild beauty of nature into your space with the unique allure of our Wild Flowers in red or in a multi color.