Samples from belarteSTUDIO

About our samples

Sustainability is close to our hearts at belarteSTUDIO, therefore we have implemented several digital solutions to visualize our wallpapers for our customers. This enables us to avoid sending samples that are not needed.

However we do know that you sometimes need to see the color and feel the quality of our wall murals, this is exactly what our samples are for. The samples are printed on our high quality non woven wallpaper with matt finish.

To get the best possible experience of our designs we recommend you to combine the samples with our digital visualization tool.

Sample size

Our samples are in size A4 and show a close up crop of the wallpaper, one of the most common scales, when the height is 250 cm.

It is always a bit tricky to show a large scale mural in a small scale format. The tool Visualize in your home uses AR and gives you the ability to see the design directly in your own home.

If you have any problems, please reach out to our customer service and if needed we can provide you with a digital mockup.

If you have any questions or feedback of our samples just send us an email at

Examples of how our samples look like

Our digital visualization service - Visualize in your home

For a better visualization of the whole design on your wall we recommend you to use our AR visualization function on our website.

- just click on Visualize in your home on the designs product page on your phone.

Read more about how to use or AR app - Visualize in your home