The Story Behind - Organic Modernism

Prepare to embark on a transformative journey as we reveal one of the boldest collections yet, Organic Modernism. This audacious series is not merely an expansion of our portfolio; rather, it's a daring venture that propels us beyond our usual boundaries, testifying to our unwavering commitment to challenging and redefining the conventional understanding of art.

Organic Modernism is a bold tribute to the raw, untamed energy of brutalist architecture. It's our interpretation of how the commanding structures of brutalism, often seen in towering edifices, can be beautifully transposed onto the canvas of your walls. The collection is a compelling symphony of rough textures, fluid organic forms, and crisp geometric lines, capturing the spirit of brutalist architecture and mid-century design. It transforms these robust, three-dimensional constructs into a visual and tactile experience that transcends the confines of traditional wallpaper.

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Historic Influences
This wall mural collection isn't just about creating stunning visuals; it's about invoking emotions and telling stories. Each design element, each texture, and each shade is meticulously curated to stimulate your senses, ignite your imagination, and redefine the way you perceive wall murals.

To truly appreciate the Organic Modernism collection, it's essential to explore the historical inspirations and influences that have shaped its creation. This collection is steeped in architectural history, drawing heavily from brutalism, a movement that emerged in the mid-20th century. Known for its raw, block-like structures often made from concrete, brutalism was a departure from conventional aesthetics, embracing a spartan, functional style.

In addition to brutalism, the collection also draws inspiration from iconic design classics. One such element is the Akari Light Sculptures by Vitra, designed by Isamu Noguchi in 1951. These sculptural light fixtures, with their geometric forms and organic materials, embody the balance between form and function, a principle at the core of the Organic Modernism wall mural collection. The minimalist elegance of ancient Greek architecture also informs the designs, lending an element of timeless sophistication.

The inspiration behind the collection
The journey of creating the Organic Modernism collection has been a deep dive into the world of architectural marvels and design innovations. The brutalist aesthetics of Fritz Wotruba's Church in Vienna have significantly influenced the collection. This iconic building, composed of 152 seemingly random stacked concrete blocks, stands as a testament to the thin line between architecture and sculpture.

The collection also draws from contemporary inspirations. Lucas Morten, a designer known for his functional art furniture, has been a key source of inspiration. His works, which balance raw materials with elegant forms, encapsulate the essence of Organic Modernism. The collection also brings a dash of surrealism to the mix. Geometric windows appear to cover the walls, creating an illusion of a curated exhibition. This aspect of the collection adds a unique spatial narrative, turning ordinary walls into conversation pieces.

Decorating with Organic Modernism
The true beauty of the Organic Modernism collection lies in its versatility and transformative power. These wall murals have the ability to create luxurious, masculine statement interiors that encapsulate a sense of grandness and depth. The wallpapers are rich in texture, and variations in tonal colors transform flat surfaces into three-dimensional masterpieces, enhancing the depth and dimension of any space.

The color palette is a crucial aspect of the collection. With the core color story in black & white, the murals set a dramatic backdrop. The addition of warm and moody neutrals, ranging from earthy cognac browns to deep reds and golden ochres, to cooler shades of blue and grey, brings richness and variety to the collection.

The Organic Modernism wall mural collection is perfect for commercial spaces like hotels and restaurants, as well as residential settings. The murals have the power to establish a moody, extravagant interior that feels inviting and calm due to its warm, dark colors. They also serve as conversation pieces, introducing intrigue and interest to any room. At the same time, they're versatile enough for creative interior designers to adapt and reinterpret according to their unique vision, proving their suitability for a multitude of spaces, from avant-garde homes to sophisticated corporate environments. Each mural, with its rich texture and tonal variation, contributes to a distinct aesthetic narrative, thus enabling you to craft spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply personal and engaging.