How to measure your ceiling

1. Preparation 

Before starting the measurement, make sure that the room is empty and that any furniture or obstacles that may affect the measurement are moved or removed. This will facilitate the process and ensure the accuracy of your measurements.

2. Measure

Start by measuring the length and width of the ceiling where you plan to install the wallpaper. Use a tape measure and note the measurements as you measure from one end of the room to the other, both for length and width. Add an extra margin at 5-10 cm (3 inches)  to ensure you have enough wallpaper.

To avoid mistakes in the order, it is important to enter the dimensions correctly. Make sure to enter the longest side as the height and the shorter as the width. 

To clarify with an example:

If your ceiling has a height of 400 cm and a width of 250 cm, but you enter the width as the height, the wallpaper pattern will extend over the 250 cm length, resulting in the pattern being oriented along the shorter side instead of the longer one.

To ensure that your wallpaper pattern is applied according to your wishes, it is important to specify the height as height and the width as width when placing your order. When wallpapering, it is desirable to minimize the number of seams to achieve a seamless and professional look on the surface.

We value your order and aim to ensure you are happy with your choice. If you have any questions or need further assistance with measurements or the order, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service. We are here to help you and ensure that your interior design is exactly what you want.