Meet the interior designer - Nina Takesh

We have talked to Nina about everything from sources of inspiration for her wall mural collection together with belarteSTUDIO, to the journey that got her to where she is today.

Born in Tehran, Nina moved to Beverly Hills, CA at six years old. The inspiration behind it all comes from her grandfather’s prominence in Iran and her architect father’s creative spirit. Studying at Le Lycee Francais in combination with experiences in both France and Switzerland fueled her design sense, noting landmarks like Palais Bulles near the family home in Port La Galere.


After studying in California and Paris, Nina worked in the Parisian fashion scene before moving to Buenos Aires. When returning to Los Angeles in the early 2000’s, it was the frustration with baby product options that inspired her to open Petit Tresor, a renowned luxury baby boutique where she designed for celebrities. The journey of interior design took a start with the construction of her 6,000 square foot Beverly Hills home where Nina pushed design boundaries with bespoke furnishings. 

Recognizing that design was her true calling, Nina took the plunge and established her own interior design firm about four years ago. A profession that brings her unparalleled happiness.


It was when Nina launched her own interior design firm that she started to gain global success and a growing social media following with nearly 1,000,000 followers across all platforms. Both collaborations with esteemed brands and ambassadorships for brands such as Anthropologie Living sparked influence. In addition to this, Nina is actively sharing bits of her life as an interior designer through her YouTube channel Red Elevator. The content reflects her love for design, adding to the recognition as a global design icon known for meticulous attention to detail and innovative use of materials.

Finding Inspiration

With lots of inspiration and innovative ideas it is interesting to know where it all stems from. Nina’s father significantly influenced the love for architecture and design. As a child, she not only spent time at her father’s architectural firm but also joined him in exploring open houses during weekends just for the fun of it. These outings ignited her visual senses, fostering a deep fascination with the diverse shapes, sizes, and spaces of the homes visited. She has since then transformed numerous of her own private homes and even built a brand new home for her family from the ground up.

Something that may be surprising to many is Nina’s passion for what she likes to call the thrill of the hunt. She is regularly attending Estate Sales in search of unique pieces that stand out and carry that original touch, something distinctive that will undoubtedly catch the eye. Amidst what might seem like a plethora of odds and ends, identifying that unique gem brings a sense of excitement like no other.

BelarteSTUDIO x Nina Takesh 

When it comes to integrating wallpaper into your interior design, one of the first steps is selecting the perfect spot to showcase the wall mural. Whether it’s the wall behind your bed, couch, or dining area, choosing a focal point ensures that the wall mural becomes a captivating centerpiece. Nina notes that it is essential to consider the scale of the patter in relation to the size of your room and furniture to maintain balance and harmony,

In collaboration with belarteSTUDIO, neutrals and warm, earthy tones alongside captivating landscapes and organic shapes have been the focal points of the collection. These elements not only add visual interest but also infuse the space with coziness and character.

It is important to not be afraid of mixing and matching textures and patterns to add depth to your design. Pairing the wallpaper with soft, tactile fabrics or incorporating contrasting patterns can elevate the visual appeal of the space. And while the focus may be on the walls, remember that every element in the room contributes to the overall aesthetic.


The Design Process

Nina describes the process of mapping out a design project as a blend of natural elements and using personal sources of inspiration. For instance, for the wall mural collection with belarteSTUDIO, she drew inspiration from natural materials such as onyx, soil, and other earthy textures, infusing the designs with their rich colors and organic patterns. Additionally, her time spent in Paris and exposure to its captivating landscape and architecture have profoundly influenced the creative process. The iconic landmarks and romantic streets of Paris often find their way into designs, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication. By melding these inspirations together, she strives to create spaces and products that are not only visually stunning but also resonate deeply with the essence of nature and the timeless beauty of Parisian design.

Favorite interior design project

As Nina’s interior design projects are many, there is one that stands out. One of her most memorable projects is the recent flip she just completed, named “Scadlock”. A year long labor of love, where every detail was meticulously planned and executed to transform a dilapidated 50’s house into a stunning modern home. The project holds a special place in her heart because it allowed for expression of design aesthetic and philosophy. From the moment you step into the foyer there is a visual flow throughout the space. Every element was carefully curated to create a harmonious and inviting environment. 

Each room tells its own story, from the elegant Parisian-inspired formal living room to the luxurious primary bathroom adorned with Marilyn Monroe’s iconic imagery. The kitchen is a testament to the marriage of form and function. And the backyard was transformed into a private oasis complete with a fire pit, dining area and hot tub. Nina notes that seeing the transformation from start to finish was incredibly rewarding, a testament to the power of design to breathe new life into spaces and create lasting memories.