Interior Design Services

To support our worldwide community of interior designers is our greatest misson. We offer a wide range of services to make the entire process as sustainable and convenient as possible for you. Let's create some unique spaces together!

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Virtual visualization and adjust scale
We can virtually place your selected design in your space and if the design seems too big or too small, don't worry we can adjust the scale on almost all our designs.


Change placement and color 
We can adjust your art piece to be centered above your bed, slightly to the left, big or small, exactly as you wish for a perfect result. We can also change color on the wall mural to match it to a chosen NCS color.

Custom made new design for your project
Our design department can create unique wall murals based on your ideas and your moodboard. By working closely with you and understanding your vision, we can create custom murals for your next project.
Get in touch with our design department here.