Styled by - Bloom Studio Ibiza

To create unique spaces together with interior designers around the globe is a big part of belarteSTUDIO. Together with Bloom Studio, a Ibiza based interior design studio, we have created a new Styled by edition featuring their top selection of wall murals from our design archive. We had the opportunity to talk to them and hear a bit more about what they do and how create interiors and incorporate wall murals.

How would you describe Bloom Studio Ibiza?

We are an interior design studio based in Ibiza, we are a team architects and interior designers who work collaboratively to produce high end projects. Our work can be found predominantly throughout the Balearic Islands and Europe, and we pride ourselves on working to a significantly high level of design and finish. Within our design process we cover everything from the initial concept all the way through to the construction, we produce detailed designs and drawings ensuring that nothing is left to chance. Our attention to detail is what really sets us apart from other studios. We pride ourselves on working with the best materials and being extremely collaborative with our clients. We create strong bonds with them, often suggesting items that they didn't even know they wanted. It takes a lot of attention, communication, and connection to bring a project together, but we find these qualities are what produce the strongest results.

Where do you get inspiration?

As a studio we get inspiration from absolutely everywhere. We try to really look beyond the visual aspect of the everyday, so inspiration can come from the shadows created within the forest or the waves of the ocean. It’s hard to pinpoint one thing for inspiration because you can be walking down the street and be inspired without realizing. For us it's about how things sit well with each other and you can find these elements everywhere you look.

It's important to us to recognise that design is relative. We're all constantly evolving and inspired by everything we see, and so we are really respectful of other artists, but I would say our biggest design inspiration is the island and the shapes, shadows, colors, and textures that we see everyday.

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How would you define the Ibiza interior style?

It's a really hard question because we believe the idea of Ibiza style means something really different to every person. The island is so full of surprises and welcomes each individual and so there is really something for everyone. Whilst there are certain elements that are definitely associated with Ibiza style, I think that it's very difficult to generalize Ibiza style as a whole. We pride ourselves on working with each individual client creating unique and bespoke projects and so we do not work to a general style but instead maintaining the feeling of the island within all we do.

Creating the Ibiza atmosphere is, for us, really about materials, about making sure that there's a softness that complements the environment; complements the ocean, the nature, and the rest of the surroundings. We think that's the best way to describe Ibiza interior style.

What is the most important thing to think about to achieve the Ibiza aesthetics?

For us, the most important thing is making sure the client's are happy whilst respecting the environment and the surroundings of the property and the island. We strongly believe in maintaining original features, working with what we have and enhancing the essence of the building.

We want to maintain the beauty of many of the buildings that have been here for a very long time. That means looking at what we've got with two eyes, one to the future and one with a nod to the past. It's important to us to refurbish original details to bring them back to life, but to also contrast them with more modern counterparts that really sit well together. It's about respect for the island and its surroundings, and it's about respect for the building.

We will never suggest doing something that doesn't respect the Ibiza aesthetic, and we will work hard with our clients to make sure that our designs are sympathetic to the Island.

What was the process when styling the wall murals for this collection?

For us, the process was really about looking at the materials we're using in our projects and how we can translate those into a wall mural without losing the depth a natural stone or wood texture creates. We wanted to see if we could translate a feeling of richness whilst finding a balance between with tone and texture.

We recommend using textures to build up our projects, starting with base materials that run throughout, it's the textures and tones that really make a project stand out.

What we really liked when looking at the wall murals, was the ability to create a texture in such a big surface with it also doubling up as a huge feature within the space.

We love creating feature walls and felt that the wall murals allowed us to do this in a really simple yet chic way.

What is the best thing about using wall murals in your projects?

The best thing is being able to create a feature piece that doesn't overtake the space, but instead enhances it. We were keen to see what could be created that would sit inline with the original aesthetics and architecture commonly associated with Ibiza.

It's important that we create a depth to the designs we produce whilst allowing for a real wow moment when looking at the murals which is what drew us to Belarte Studio initially.

It's really about creating a harmonious contrast. We want the client to look at the wall mural and say, wow, look at that. What is that? Giving the eye something to look at whilst introducing a new material. That's one of the best things for us.

What does sustainable design mean to you and how do you incorporate it in your work?

Sustainability is a huge factor for us and more so because we live on a small somewhat seasonal island. We work with incredible local, skilled artisans and we source and supply as much as we can from the island and in Europe.

We also love sourcing new suppliers and finding local artists and feel it's important to showcase their work. We consider that BelarteSTUDIO and the work you produce really feel like pieces of art. It was that feeling that first attracted us to you, how we could get huge feature pieces of art within our designs.

It's really important for us to work with small, independent designers within Europe, and in Ibiza so that we're really putting something back onto the island and to the people who work here, who have honed their craft and have worked hard to create something.

We create beautiful high end projects, and they need to be created with the best materials that are native to the island and to the artisans who create them. We work really hard to source suppliers that are based here, or within Europe.

What has been the key for success for Bloom Studio Ibiza?

Something that's important to us is having good relationships with everyone we work with. We pride ourselves on cultivating really good relationships with everyone from the very start of a project. From our clients, all the way through to constructors, to suppliers, to artists, to even the cleaners who clean the project before we start to dress it. It's often something that can get taken for granted because projects can become very stressful, but it's important to maintain these good relationships so that we can create the best designs possible, its a team process from start to finish.

We pride ourselves on establishing very good relationships with our clients, so that everything they want is realized and designed and then in turn they trust our knowledge and experience. A lot of time is spent speaking to other suppliers who help us translate our ideas into real life. That is what has allowed us to expand our studio and really create beautiful bespoke projects because we really go the next level into our design and we can only do that by

working with people who trust and respect us and the design process. It’s important to communicate well, be polite and kind. The simple things in life.

Throughout that we've managed to have a really amazing core group of people that we work with. We are always expanding and looking for new people and new suppliers and of course we are nothing without our team who all work tirelessly for each individual project and create the best designs possible!

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