Styled by Filippa Lindau

Filippa Lindau is a multifaceted talent in the world of content creation and fashion, making waves as both an influencer and a Creative Producer & Content Creator at the renowned Swedish fashion brand, Gina Tricot. Her effortless sense of style also transfers seamlessly to her home and interior design choices, resulting in spaces that effortlessly mirror her fashion-forward aesthetic and creativity. We have taken a look inside her apartment in Borås, Sweden.

beige livingroom

What have you been doing lately? 

Lately I've been really busy returning to work after a wonderful vacation in Croatia and Palma. It's always nice to recharge your batteries and come back to everyday life with new energy. I chose to return to my previous job after a short visit at Jotex, which is an e-commerce for home textiles and decoration. Right now I'm a Creative Producer & Content Creator at Gina Tricot, and it really is a dream job for me. Being able to work in the fashion industry and be creative in my work is something I have always strived for, and it feels great to be "back at home".

In addition to my work, I have also been busy managing my own social media channels and continuing to create content that I am passionate about. It is a lot of work to maintain a social media presence and keep my followers engaged, but it is also incredibly rewarding to be able to share my style and ideas with a wider audience.

magazine and a woman holding flowers

How did your fashion interest start? 

When it comes to my interest in fashion, it has been there for as long as I can remember. I have always loved playing with different outfits and experimenting with different styles. A strong memory that I think triggered my interest in fashion was when I was 14 years old and read about a fashion blogger in a magazine for teenage girls. That's when I was first introduced to fashion blogs and started following them daily. I was inspired by the different outfit pictures and realized that fashion was really something I was passionate about.

Where do you find inspiration? 

I find my inspiration all around me, but mainly on platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. There is an endless stream of images and ideas that I can draw inspiration from. In addition, I also get inspiration from everyday life, such as people I see when walking around or from friends. Sometimes even from TV series and TikTok.

How would you describe your style? 

When it comes to my personal style, I would describe it as Scandinavian and comfortable. I like to be able to vary between a stylish classy look and a more oversized and comfy look depending on the day and mood. I think it is important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing, while being able to express your personality and style.

Walk in closet filled with bottega veneta, chanel and shoes. A neutral bedroom with forest inspired wallpaper on walls and cieling

What were your thoughts when choosing wallpaper? 

When it comes to interior design, I have always had a preference for a calm and harmonious atmosphere at home. I think my choice of wallpaper is perfect to create that kind of atmosphere. I prefer wallpapers that give an earthy and warm feeling to my home, and I avoid excessive patterns or strong colors. I want my home to feel like a sanctuary where I can relax and unwind.

How do you create a style both in your home and in what you wear?

Creating a style both at home and in what you wear is basically about expressing your personality and sense of aesthetics. For me, it is important that my clothing style and my home reflect the same basic values and aesthetics. I prefer a simple and minimalist style with earthy colors both in my wardrobe and in my home. It gives me a sense of harmony and balance. I like that the wallpapers I've chosen are timeless and will go well with whatever I decide to change in my home. 

Dining table for two. Kitchen with marble wall mural and beige livingroom with wallpaper from belartestudio

What are your future dreams/plans?

When it comes to my future dreams and plans, my current focus is to continue to work hard and develop both in my full-time job at Gina Tricot and with my own channels. I am really passionate about being part of creative productions, events and maybe even TV in the future. I look forward to exploring new opportunities and seeing where my career takes me. It's exciting to think of all that can happen and the possibilities that the future has to offer. I am ready to continue to follow my passion and work towards my dreams.

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