Styled by - meet 3D artist Joanna Nowak

We have invited Joanna Nowak to interpret our lastest wall mural collection within her artistic profession. She is a a self-educated 3D artist and designer based in Paris. Interior design and computer science has always been her biggest passion. The moment she crossed paths with 3D design it instantly became her field. It is where she can express herself at best and allows her to expand her horizons.

How was your thought process when choosing our wallpapers?

When selecting the wallpapers, my idea was to create the different types of interiors and connect them with
the same palette of colors which will represent earth. They all come from the title of the belarte studio collection “Earthy Artistic”. I believe the key element is to find a connection between the wallpaper, textures and the objects. Ultimately they will create a coherent whole and an interesting composition.

Where do you find your inspiration from?

I try to find inspiration in everyday life. Sometimes all it takes is a slice of reality to connect the dots and carve the image in my head into a whole. Like the light that reflects on a wall or random stuff I see on the street that seems to create an interesting composition. I like to watch same things or places from different perspectives. It allows me to discover something new each time, and this is a pure source of inspiration for creation.

View Joannas favourite wallpaper murals

What are the key factors in designing a realistic 3D environment?

Technically, certainly: lighting, textures and the ability to adjust the design during development. You could settle for a great model but when the lighting is terrible the whole image will eventually arrive to poor quality. Same thing with the textures. So trick is to have a balance between all of them simultaneously, giving equal importance to the modeling, lighting and textures.

What do you think the next big design trend will be?

I really like the trend of revisiting past decades. Like interiors inspired by the 60s or 70s that I’ve seen a lot lately. I love this vintage vibe! It could be interesting to go back in time to different, more earliest, periods of interior design. I would love to see new interpretations of them in the times we live in.

What are some of the most important things you need to think about when being a 3D designer?

Giving yourself time and space for understanding the creation process. At times I’m able to design a project in a few hours with very satisfying outcomes, when on different time I would work on a project for few weeks on the lookout for golden finishing. Both scenarios are fine. There would be moments when I sill notice that I’m very critical about my work, immediately giving attention to the things that could be done in different way. Attention to details is definitely one of my qualities, but it is important not to be too hard on yourself. Trust that If you did things in a specific way it means that this was the best possible way at this particular moment.

What are your thoughts and dreams of the future? What led you to pursue a career in 3D design?

My intentions from early beginning were to work in the field related to interior design, and the most exciting thing about 3D is that this toll has no limits. You can go everywhere you want with your imagination. This is truly beautiful.

For now I would like to focus on learning and developing set of tools in relation to the animation. It will be a great shift to add movement and life to my interiors. My biggest dream and challenge is to enable translation one of my digital works into a real space.

If someone is interested in seeing more of your projects in the future where can they find you?

You can find my work on Instagram, Behance and on my website.