Artistic Bedroom - Find your style


The bedroom is known to be the room that you spend most of your time in, so to have a space that suits your personal taste is important. In this magazine you will find styling inspiration that can help you on your journey to find your artistic wallpaper.

Neutrals are common in bedrooms due to their sense of calm and have a great tendency to befriend most interior styles. To personalize your style one direction is using murals that comes in these earthy tones with a soft pattern that collects the rooms atmosphere. Or why not create a wall with a centered piece to frame your bed as a headboard, capturing that trendy Japandi style. Match your wallpaper with with wooden details for a warmer touch or go for a more minimalistic vibe with cold grey tones.

Some of us are looking for a more vibrant expression. It could be to create a room with bold color choices that contains a lot of personality. The pastel colors are a lovely option to create just that, with softer colors you manage to embrace the room while still having a more is more look. Dare to cover more than one wall for maximum playfulness. Another approach is to turn one wall into a big piece of art that will steal the spotlight at first glance. It serves a more exclusive style and can bring any bedroom alive.

For those who are looking for an expressive but clean appearance black and white wall murals might just be the thing for you. Decide to either use the negative space to enhance the room or give the wall more attention by choosing a statement piece. A wall more covered in darker shades will make your sleeping oas even cozier. While a larger light space will make the room feel more open.

Blue and green bedrooms are always appreciated since they have a tendency to create a soothing impression. One can enhance that feeling by using an organic patterned wallpaper for a soft movement to the room or use a more graphic look for a sense of structure. Don’t be afraid of matching a graphic mural with other graphic expressions such as stripes to really complete the room. Using tints of one color will add a smoother touch to your relaxing space.