Dare to go dark

Welcome to a magazine that takes you on a journey into the world of bold design and timeless elegance. Let's dive further into our latest creation - the new black chinoiserie wall mural that not only graces the walls but transforms your home into an moody oasis of art and character. The latest addition, the black chinoiserie wall mural, is not just a surface to look at but a story to experience. It takes inspiration from oriental art and gives a modern twist to a timeless concept.

New design - Chinoiserie

The deep black tones are mixed with subtle shades to create a wall mural that not only adds elegance but also a touch of mystery to your room. The patterns transform each wall into an artistic exploration. The deep black tones create a foundation for other elements in the room and provide a harmonious and sophisticated atmosphere that embraces your decor.

Effortlessly, the chinoiserie series creates an elegant appeal. Its intricate patterns tell stories and transport us to a world of sophistication and beauty. From delicate flowers to intricate representations of nature, Chinoiserie adds a layer of timelessness to every space, making it a perfect complement to those who dare to embrace the evocative aesthetic.

The dark, mysterious tones combined with the wall mural's timeless appeal create an atmosphere that is not only cozy but also luxurious. It's like stepping into a world of contrasts where every moment is filled with beauty and surprise.


Harmony of Wall Murals and Dark Wood Details

Now that we've let ourselves get lost in the beauty of the black chinoiserie wall mural, we now invite you to explore how some of our other wall murals can be enhanced by combining them with dark wood details. Our dark-toned wall murals create a visual tension that, together with dark wood details, adds depth to any room. Dark wood has the ability to add character and warmth to a room. Furniture, floors or details in walnut, oak or mahogany are perfectly complemented by the dramatic background of evocative wallpapers. The art is in creating a balance between the modern and the classic, the light and the dark, giving each room its own soul and identity.

Here are some tips for achieving a dark and moody home:

  1. Wall murals:

Using dark wall murals in deep shades immediately creates an atmosphere of intimacy and elegance.This choice is particularly effective if you want to create a sense of privacy and give the room a sophisticated touch.

  1. Dark furniture:

Investing in dark wood furniture, such as walnut, oak or mahogany, adds character and creates a warm atmosphere. Dark furniture acts as contrasting focal points against dark walls or wall murals and can be key to creating a balanced and sophisticated aesthetic in your room.

  1. Textiles in dark tones:

Using textiles in dark tones, such as cushions and rugs, has a dual function. Not only do they soften the room and create a sense of comfort, but they also add layers and depth to the design. Dark velvet, especially in combination with dark walls, provides a tactile and luxurious feel that enhances the desired atmosphere.

  1. Metallic accents:

Including metallic accents, such as gold or black metal, in your decor creates contrast against the dark tones and adds a sense of luxury. This can be through lighting fixtures, metal-framed mirrors or small decorative details. These elements act as eye-catchers and add an elegant touch to the overall design.

The ceiling as the fifth wall

In the quest to create a moody space, you shouldn't underestimate the power of the ceiling. The ceiling becomes the fifth wall in the room and provides an unexpected canvas for self-expression. By wallpapering the ceiling with the same tone or complementary patterns, you create a seamless transition from wall to ceiling and give the room a cohesive sense of design.

Wallpapering the ceiling in deep, dark shades enhances the moody atmosphere. Dark colors on the ceiling add a sense of intimacy and create a harmonious transition from the walls to the ceiling. It is like enclosing the room in a cozy and enchanting environment, where every moment feels like an artistic experience.

Having the ceiling covered in wallpaper creates an enveloping effect, drawing the eye upwards and adding a sense of magnificence to the room. The room is transformed into a creative sphere where every detail is carefully considered and every shade of color and pattern is part of the artistic entity.


Our journey through this magazine has taken us through art and contrasts, from the elegance of the dark chinoiserie wall mural to the combination with dark wood details and the exciting possibility of wallpapering the ceiling.It's all about creating an atmospheric oasis where every detail is part of a work of art. So venture into the world of moody design, embrace the contrasts and let your home become a place where elegance meets boldness on every wall and ceiling.