Inspiration Ideas For Decorating The Ceiling, Your 5th Wall

Get experimental and use wallpapers on the ceiling to get a modern vibe.

When the Romans decorated their palaces and created frescos to cover their Italien palaces no one asked for permission - why should they? Centuries later, designers and architects are showing the world how stunning interiors can become by being creative and incorporating the fifth wall. Be inspired to do the same - wallpapering the ceiling is the new normal! 

Wallpaper is a fantastic design element that can instantly add color, personality and art to your space. In a time when white rooms are all over Instagram and Pinterest, you might be afraid of colors or patterns being too overwhelming. Don´t get stuck there!

You have most probably stumbled over ceilings that are painted in beautiful colors other than the standard white, but have you seen what a stunning pattern on the ceiling can do for a space? Let's face it, wallpaper in the ceiling is just like a painting, the more you see it the more you love it.

Here are 9 ways of incorporating ceiling wall murals in your home: 

Black/White Graphics -  Artistic Lines

Just look at Alvin Wayne’s latest project, an Interior designer based in New York, he set out to revamp his bedroom and wanted to change the entire feel of the space. Before even the furniture came to place, this artsy wall mural changed the entire atmosphere in his bedroom, and for some extra drama he extended it and took it to the ceiling.

Biophilic Greens - Sky Wild Forest

Invite nature into your interior by adding our Wild Forest to the ceiling of your living room.  We can assure you that this biophilic design will totally transform your interior and bring nature into your home and support your well being. Pair it with Sky Wild Forest and you are set to go.

Pastel Maximalism -  Curvy

Our Curvy Wallpaper is a simple yet bold design. The large irregular curves creates a playful wall mural that suits both public and personal spaces. For years, minimalist decor has taken reign in the world of interior design. So, it was just a matter of time before something new was going to overthrow this popular style. Enter… pastel maximalism! The complete opposite to minimalism, maximalist design is loud, lively and colourful! Our beloved Curvy pastel wallpaper had this wonderful synergy where old meets new in an amazing way. 

Heaven above Fresco - Cherube Clouds

The soaring ceiling of this bedroom at the Grimstorp estate featuring our Cherub Clouds wallpaper. A fresh take on the classic Cherub design in a perfect setting amongst the clouds for a stunning wall mural full of natural patina. This dreamy design is a celebration of romantic love for frescos, creating a perfect combination between the classical features of the space and the modern interior.  Add it on the ceiling and you have a true showstopper.

Masculine Lux - Eclectic Zebra/Geometric Shades 

Want to create that modern masculine contemporary interior? The Eclectic Zebra on the ceiling is the way to go. Darker accent wall murals are a great way to anchor the weight of the room which pulls off the visual trick of making the room feel cozier and of being embraced.

Minimalistic - Art Stokes 

Neutral wallpaper and a concise monochromatic color scheme can make your area feel minimalist with almost no extra work. Art Strokes is the collision where fine art meets street art and the conjunction of the two is creating this modern bedroom. Adding this black and white wall mural to the ceiling gives a fresh and clean look and makes the space feel calm yet it brings the aesthetics to a new level. 

Eclectic Vintage Style - Geometric Shades/Intertwines 

Interior designer Kate Pearce wallpapered the ceiling of her dining room with Geometric Shades to create a focal point in her home. “I loved that the color palette was fun, yet not overpowering and the graphic print pulled a modern element into the space without feeling anachronistic”. I felt this print on the ceiling feels both unexpected and restrained” said Kate Pearce. We also teamed up with Alvin Wayne and together with Lumene created this lovely dining room. “The wavy wallpaper on the ceiling plays with the curves of the chandelier, and infuses the traditional space with a sense of chic modernity.” 

Scandinavian Nature  - Wood

If you want that wooden cabin feel in your home but do not have the time to redo the room completely, our Wood wallpaper is perfect. With its irregular and organic repetition it captures the fluidity of the natural wooden pattern perfectly. As seen in this Modern Escape in the North of Sweden.

Into the blue - Palm Trees Small

A vintage inspired wall mural creates the illusion of Palm trees on the ceiling, adding character and balancing the proportions of this Mediterranean villa creating your very own summer escape by the ocean. The soft tones of blues and white and the detailing of the design creates a pleasant contrast with the lime washed walls and terracotta floor.

Midcentury Warm Tones - Brushed Nature

The Brushed Nature wall mural is a great way to invite warmer tones into your living room. Wallpapered on the ceiling gives a bold and artsy look that makes the perfect foundation for a vibrant vintage mid-century setting. Inspired by the expressions of Van Gogh with depth and variations of color makes it look just as amazing when combined in a contemporary interior. A ceiling wall mural is just like an oil painting will last forever.