Kids room with a story

Welcome to a world of wonder, playfulness and curiosity. In this Magazine we will share our best tips & tricks for how to create a playful and beautiful kids room that will spark your child’s imagination. We will also introduce our latest design to our kids wall mural collection - Woodland Birds. This imaginary landscape is filled with lush trees and singing birds. The flower meadow spreads its colorful petals between the soft hills towards the horizon. What a dream to wake up to this harmonious view.

Designing for kids

When designing this landscape we had the little viewers' eyes in mind, our beloved children. Our goal is to create an atmosphere filled with playful details that are meant to be discovered along the way and spark imagination. The surrounding landscape and its details can be a part of your child's playful world, giving them ideas and new perspectives to discover as they grow. This whimsical wall mural gives the perfect backdrop for any setting, everything from building a cottage with your blankets and pillows to chasing friends around in hide and seek.

The reasoning behind surrounding ourselves with color is not solely because of decorative reasons or because it speaks to us directly. Colors are also affecting how we feel in a room. This is something you can also see in children’s reactions. Color specialist Sara Garanty often speaks about color and details. For example, Sara mentions that when babies develop their ability to see, warm and saturated colors like red are the colors that children are able to see first.

Woodland birds

Our new kids wall mural design Woodland birds is a hand painted landscape filled with details to be discovered. It comes in three different colorways. The first colors being a lush green with a bright blue sky and accents of red. A playful and a bit more colorful version of the design that still manages to keep a calm expression because of the green color, with its roots in nature, has a calming effect on us. The red accents make us curious and let our eyes wander across the landscape. 

The second color of this wall mural design is a color that also has a calm and soothing impact on us, blue. This design is a bit more tonal, playing with different shades of blue. The shades go all the way from a classic dove blue to more green and lilac shades. With a warm but neutral colored sky together with the brown in the trees this version of the wall mural has the perfect balance between warm and colder colors. 

Last but not least we have a colorstory for those who feel like brighter colors may not be your cup of tea. This color we call sand. Its muted colors are not to be
mistaken for beige, even though we believe that you will love this one even if you are usually more drawn to neutral colors. The beauty of this colorway is that the warm neutral colors have undertones of both yellow, olive green and brown. This makes the design full of life even though it enables a more subtle expression when placed on your walls. This wall mural is also a great option if you prefer to have more color on other parts of your interior and pair beautifully with both lighter and darker wood tones. 

Top 5 tips for creating a kids room    

When gathering our top tips for creating a kids room we looked to the specialists, interior designers. At belarteSTUDIO, we work with interior designers on a daily basis, helping them create the best possible wall murals for their interiors. Here are our top tips on what to think about when designing a kids room.

 1. Incorporate pattern

Pattern and wall murals are a great option for a kids room to add personality and make the room really feel like the child's own space. The styles and possibilities with patterns are endless and suits the most eclectic personality to the elegant and subtle interior style. In combination with material and texture you have all the elements you need in order to create a dynamic and interesting space for your child. To keep it all together, think about your color palette and how the different patterns and colors work together. However do not let a to strikt moodboard keep you from being playful in a kid-centric space.

2. Get them involved
A kids room is nothing without its child. Do not forget that it is not you who is the true star of this room. Try to find ways to involve your child in the process, the more they feel involved and a part of the decision making the more they will feel at home in their new room. However be smart and make sure not to suggest a big selection of choices that all could work for you and the space. Also do not forget to incorporate personal details and things from your child in the space itself, photographs, or any other specific achievements that they are proud of. 

3. Keep it classic

If you are uncertain of what direction to go, classic is always a great option. Classic styles within wall murals such as for example landscape murals or toile inspired wallpaper are not a trend that will fade in or out quickly. It is often also designs that can be styled differently depending on the age of your child. 

4. Storage is key - contain the clutter
It is easy to focus on the decorative and beautiful aspects of a room when you start looking for inspiration. But don´t forget functionality, we all know how many things a kid's room needs to swallow. Good storage makes it easier to clean and that is something that will make the entire family feel better. 

5. Think about lightning 
Last but not least, consider your light sources and not to settle with just a main light in the center of the room. Even if a kids room is not always a big room it needs several light sources. A great variety of light sources is the thing that often makes your room feel cozy in the evenings when you're reading a book in the corner, functionality for when your kid is doing his or her homework by the desk or when trying to look for something in the closet.