Light blue and burgundy - A Perfect Wall Mural Match

Burgundy and light blue are a match made in interior heaven, offering endless possibilities for creating captivating and inviting spaces. Whether you prefer a classic, sophisticated look or crave a playful pop of color, our wall murals can help you bring your vision to life. Elevate your space with the timeless elegance and modern charm of burgundy and light blue, and prepare to be amazed by the remarkable power of color.


Burgundy and light blue creates a captivating contrast 

Pairing colors is an art form that can transform any space from mundane to mesmerizing. We strongly believe in the power of color to evoke emotions and create captivating environments, especially in combination with patterned wall mural designs. There are endless combinations to make, but one of our all time favorite dynamic duos that's sure to elevate your space is burgundy and light blue. 

Burgundy, with its rich and sophisticated hue, exudes warmth and depth. It´s a color that radiates passion and energy which creates a striking wow feeling. Light blue on the other hand brings a sense of tranquility and serenity with its soft tones. Together, these two colors create a harmonious balance through its contrast. They complement each other perfectly and make a both striking and soothing impact to any room. We will help you explore how to incorporate this winning combination into your home with our stunning wall murals.



A versatile color duo for every interior style

Regardless of your favorite interior style, burgundy and light blue make an excellent color combination to achieve a contemporary and cohesive look. Whether you prefer minimalism, classic elegance, or a more eclectic vibe, these colors can seamlessly blend into your design. By incorporating patterned wall murals along with statement interior or furniture pieces that introduce a contrasting accent color, your home will immediately feel more appealing. 

Classic Elegance

If you're seeking to enhance your timeless and classically elegant home with the perfect color duo, explore our Scenic Landscape wall murals available in blue or red. A landscape mural naturally complements an elegant interior and pairing a landscape wall mural with accent colored discord yields a captivating ambiance, evoking a sense of refined luxury. With a blue wall mural as your backdrop, infuse burgundy accents to add depth and warmth. Consider adoring your space with a table lamp, a graceful bouquet of flowers or plush pillows in rich burgundy tones. Let your creativity lead the way. For those who resonate more with the color red, consider choosing the scenic landscape wall mural in this rich hue to serve as the centerpiece of your space, infusing it with a sense of regal sophistication. To achieve a cohesive and polished look, seamlessly integrate shades of blue into your interior decor.



Abstract Expression

To achieve a contemporary and elegant look, consider choosing one of our abstract wall murals. Bold geometric shapes or fluid brushstrokes in light blue or burgundy hues create a dynamic focal point that brings energy and personality into your space. Take a bold step with color and consider a full burgundy wall mural, such as our Abstract Sketch or Soft Flow designs. Let these timeless designs infuse your home with a touch of abstract sophistication with bold color expressions. 

Botanical Beauty

The combination of light blue and burgundy works well with botanical wall murals because it evokes a sense of serene beauty and modern sophistication. Picture yourself surrounded by lush foliage and delicate blooms against a backdrop of soft, light blue hues. This tranquil setting instantly imbues your space with a feeling of calmness and relaxation, reminiscent of a peaceful garden retreat. Yet, the addition of burgundy accents adds depth and richness to the scene, giving a touch of warmth and elegance into your home. These elements provide a striking contrast against the soft blue or intense red backdrop, creating a dynamic visual interest that captivates the eye.

Overall, the creative blend of nature-inspired elements with non-traditional color choices of light blue and burgundy fosters a sense of innovation and individuality in your space. It's a departure from traditional botanical motifs, offering a fresh and contemporary take. This combination creates a vibrant yet soothing atmosphere, striking the perfect balance between modern charm and timeless elegance. Whether in a living room, bedroom, or even a home office, this botanical beauty transforms any room into a haven of stylish comfort and creative expression.



Eclectic Charm

Don't be afraid to go over the top and mix and match patterns, styles, and shapes. Embrace creativity by combining patterned wall murals with your color duo and statement interior pieces. Burgundy, as a dominant color, anchors a room with a strong visual foundation. Whether through a velvet sofa, curtains, or accent pieces, it draws the eye and creates a focal point for other design elements. Our Snake Meadow and geometric shades wall murals will complete your look, transforming your home into an eclectic haven.

Burgundy, with its historical and vintage connotations, adds a timeless quality to the eclectic mix. It highlights bold patterns, while light blue softens intricate designs, making them more approachable. Together, these colors evoke a range of emotions and atmospheres. The luxurious feel of burgundy paired with the calming vibe of light blue creates a space that is both vibrant and soothing, perfect for an eclectic retro look.



Whimsical Wonderland kids room

Step into a whimsical wonderland with a mural showcasing fantastical creatures and dreamy landscapes. Create an enchanting atmosphere in your children's room that nurtures creativity and playful exploration within a safe space. Burgundy's rich, warm tones create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, making children feel secure and nurtured. This color can stimulate the mind and evoke a sense of excitement and adventure, encouraging kids to engage actively with their surroundings. Our wall mural designs Walk In The Park or Ocean Creatures are both in a blue colorway, which is  the perfect choice to begin building your kids dreamland. 

Light blue has a calming effect. It is an ideal color for the little ones because it creates a peaceful environment for both play and rest. This color is known to enhance concentration and encourage imagination and creative thinking. By thoughtfully integrating burgundy and light blue, you create a balanced, dynamic environment that supports both active play and restful moments. This imaginative paradise will not only inspire creativity in your children but also provide a space where they feel safe, comfortable, and ready to explore their dreams.