The artistry of ceiling wall murals

When it comes to interior design, thinking beyond the walls and envisioning the ceiling as a canvas, opens up a world of possibilities. We want to take this concept to new heights, introducing an unparalleled dimension to living spaces through the infusion of bespoke wall murals. Let us also dive into the transformative power of 360 designing your home and discover how we want to craft narratives that not only enhance but also align with your vision for a sustainable and inspiring home.

Ceiling statements

In a world where creativity knows no bounds, ceiling wall murals has emerged as a delightful testament to the boundless possibilities of decorating your home. It is not just about colour and patterns, it is also about infusing your space with warmth and love, quite literally from top to bottom. By wallpapering the ceiling, the atmosphere changes and creates an exclusive feeling. Elevate a bright and cold room, embrace height, or add warmth with ceiling art.

The 5th wall unleashed

We encourage you to get experimental by embracing a contemporary vibe — above the ordinary line of sight. Ceiling wall murals are gaining momentum and provides a unique and eye-catching touch that transforms any room. From making bold style statements to introducing subtle yet intriguing touches, the ceiling is emerging as the canvas of choice for modern interior aesthetics. The result? A unique, custom touch that elevates any room with ease. Finding an option that matches the existing style in your room is easy. We offer a variety of styles and hope to provide something that works for everyone. Get inspired on our social media @belartestudio.

A sky full of options 

When it comes to selecting wall murals for ceilings, the options are unlimited. Whether you prefer simple or intricate detailed designs, there is a mural to suit every taste and color palette. Wall murals for ceilings are available in a variety of colors and styles, ensuring a seamless match with the existing decor of your room. Do not let yourself be confined by conventional norms. Take that bold step to explore the vast tapestry of your wallpaper collection. Mix colors, experiment with textures and blend patterns fearlessly. It is an opportunity to create a space that defies expectations, where every glance upward reveals a unique combination, reflecting your personal taste.

360 design tips:

Accent walls are familiar to us all, creating an expressive focal point in a room. We encourage taking it a step further and wallpapering in 360 degrees. Decorating a room in 360 patterns involves extending the design concept throughout the entire space, creating a visually immersive experience from every angle. This approach goes beyond traditional accent walls, enveloping the entire room in a seamless flow of color, texture, and pattern.

We recommend that you maintain a consistent theme or color palette to tie the entire room together, ensuring a cohesive visual experience. Also, pay attention to the room's architecture and features, using patterns to enhance or complement these elements. Achieve a balance between busy and subtle patterns, incorporating elements of contrast for visual interest. Coordinate furniture and decor with the overall pattern scheme, creating a unified and well-designed space.


Play with patterns & make it personal

When it comes to the ceiling, patterns are not confined to the walls. Embrace the notion that your ceiling can be an intricate part of the design narrative. Consider introducing captivating patterns that draw the eye upward, creating a visual spectacle above. Whether opting for geometric precision, whimsical motifs or a fusion of both, the canvas of your space transforms into a personalized masterpiece. The interplay of patterns not only adds visual intrigue but also serves as a mirror reflecting your personality. Unleash your creativity, experimenting with an array of designs to curate a space that speaks authentically to you.

When breaking the mold, that is where the journey becomes truly exciting. By blending diverse patterns in the ceiling, and fearlessly combining various wallpaper designs, a harmonious coexistence is achieved.

Crafting your tapestry - Making it distinctly yours 

In this venture, the ceiling becomes more than just a surface, it transforms into a work of art. As you mix and match patterns, remember that the goal is not just to decorate - it is to craft an environment that resonates authentically with you. Your ceiling adorned with patterns, becomes a statement. Ceiling wall murals offer a modern and imaginative way to redefine your living space. Whether you aim to make a bold statement, add an intriguing touch, or infuse a room with serenity, the ceiling becomes your canvas for creativity. Transform your space effortlessly, look up and explore the limitless possibilities that await above.