Transform your home with 70s-inspired warm tones wall murals

In the golden era of the 1970s, rich, warm browns were the hallmark of interior design. Brown is a great color. It’s very warm and rich, and it’s actually a great neutral to layer with other colors. These shades, reminiscent of toffee, caramel, and chocolate, brought a sense of coziness and earthiness to homes. Fast forward to today, and these warm hues are making a glorious comeback. No longer overshadowed by the starkness of gray, browns are now celebrated for their ability to create inviting and sophisticated spaces.

We believe in the power of color and design to transform spaces and evoke emotion. As we navigate through 2024 explore how warm tones, Art Deco influences, and modern elements come together to create stunning, inviting interiors. Together they capture the essence of contemporary aesthetics while paying homage to timeless styles.


The rise of warm tones

Warm tones are making a significant comeback, particularly in Italian-inspired designs. Think of rich earthy hues like terracotta, olive green, and toffee brown, paired with warm neutrals such as beige, cream, and taupe. These colors not only bring a sense of comfort and coziness but also add depth and character to any room.
Our wall murals are designed to incorporate these beautiful warm tones, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere. Whether you're looking to add a touch of warmth to your living room, bedroom, or even a commercial space, our murals provide a seamless way to integrate these colors into your decor.
What we love
As we delve deeper into our color story, we find inspiration in the heart of Italy. The Italian design philosophy has long been characterized by warm, earthy tones. Think terracotta, olive green, and taupe. Hues that evoke the rustic beauty of the Italian countryside. Our murals would echo this charm, transforming the space into a haven where warm tones and contemporary design meet.

Art Deco's luxurious and geometric designs are making a return, blending seamlessly with the warm color palette. Our murals incorporate bold shapes and rich colors, bringing a touch of glamour to any space. This revival adds a sophisticated edge to contemporary interiors, making our murals a perfect choice for those looking to combine modern aesthetics with classic elegance. The wall murals can instantly elevate the look of your interiors, bringing a sense of opulence reminiscent of the 1920s and 70s.
How to style

Wood emerges as a central character. With its natural warmth and rich textures, it has always been a cornerstone of interior design. From the sturdy beams that support the structure to the elegant furniture that fills the rooms, wood brings a sense of timeless beauty and organic warmth to any space. Our wall murals would celebrate this material, featuring wood wall murals. These wood-inspired designs add a tactile element to the walls, creating a sense of depth and history.
The color black often seen as bold and dramatic, can be the perfect complement to warm browns, adding depth and sophistication to the design. In our murals, black accents would highlight the rich, earthy tones, creating a striking contrast that draws the eye and adds a modern edge. Imagine a living room where caramel-colored walls are adorned with black geometric patterns, or a bedroom where chocolate brown murals are paired with sleek black furniture. This pairing creates a balance that is both elegant and contemporary, bringing a touch of drama to the cozy warmth of brown.


Incorporating metal and industrial elements into home design continues to be popular. A steel industrial kitchen stands as a testament to modern design. It can serve as the heart of your home, bringing both functionality and style. Our murals blend together the coolness of metallic accents and industrial motifs to create a cohesive look that ties your space together.

Another way of blending contemporary design with vintage elements is by adding block glass walls. These walls, made up of translucent blocks add a touch of modernity without compromising the overall warmth and coziness of the space. They allow light to filter through while providing privacy, creating a space that feels open yet intimate. It serves as a striking contrast to the wood and warm tones, reflecting the light and enhancing the glow to create a harmonious balance between old and new.




The resurgence of warm browns in interior design brings a sense of nostalgia and sophistication to contemporary spaces. Inspired by the rich tones of toffee, caramel, and chocolate that defined the 1970s, these colors now thrive as vibrant backdrops, providing a warm and inviting palette that stands the test of time. Transform your space with our murals and explore how these elements come together to create a warm, contemporary home with a nod to the 70s.