Wall mural ideas for every stage of childhood

Commencing on the journey of parenthood is an exhilarating experience filled with moments of joy, wonder, and anticipation for what is to come. Among the numerous decisions parents face, decorating their child's space stands out as a delightful opportunity to infuse creativity, personality, and lasting memories into their rooms. We want to inspire you with ideas tailored to every stage of childhood, whether you are seeking soothing hues for a newborn's nursery, dynamic designs for a preschooler's playroom, or sophisticated styles for a teenager's sanctuary. Our kids room wall murals are designed to guide and inspire you on your journey of creating spaces that grow with your child, filled with style and longevity.

Nostalgic Kids collection

Let your imagination wander in the botanical landscape - what kind of animals can you find? They look familiar and nice, inviting you to enter a dreamlike state. On the verge of reality and a dreamscape, this collection includes two whimsical and playful designs filled with joy and colors. From the little ladybug friend in a field of clovers and flowers to the large-scale landscape in colors that can only make you happy.

The designs are especially made with our little ones in mind but with a base in traditional classics that have longevity. Drawing inspiration from the color palette of Josef Frank and classic botanical motifs, this collection stands the test of time and can be styled for both younger kids and upwards.


Creating a serene nursery -  Newborns and toddlers 

Newborns and toddlers require a gentle and nurturing environment to foster their development and provide a sense of security. Soft pastel colors like baby blue, pale pink or mint green create a serene atmosphere perfect for a nursery. Consider wall murals adorned with adorable motifs such as little animas, fluffy clouds or dreamy landscapes to soothe and delight your little one. For added sensory stimulation, opt for interactive wall murals with tactile elements like textured surfaces or embossed patterns that encourage exploration and discovery through touch. Also, consider introducing patterns that stimulate cognitive development, such as geometric shapes, colorful letters and numbers, to engage your child's growing mind. 


Imaginative playtime - Preschool age

Preschool age is a time of boundless energy and imagination, where creativity knows no bounds. Use vibrant colors like sunny yellow, fiery red, or grassy green into your child's playroom to ignite their creativity and spark imaginative play. Choose wall murals featuring fun and whimsical patterns like our newest addition - Imaginary Landscape. Adding animals to our beautiful botanical landscape was an easy choice. Not only do animals captivate children's imaginations, but they also foster a connection to nature and promote a sense of wonder and curiosity. By incorporating animals into the wall mural design, we aim to create an immersive and engaging environment that inspires exploration and storytelling. Each animal becomes a character in their imaginary world, sparking endless adventures and imaginative play. 


Creating a harmonious environment - Elementary school age

As children enter elementary school age, they begin to develop their own unique personalities and interests. It's a time of growth and exploration, but also of excitement and sometimes chaos. As a parent, you have the remarkable opportunity to cultivate a sense of peace, security, and harmony within your child's surroundings. By carefully selecting decor elements, such as soothing colors, comforting textures, and meaningful decorations, you can instill a sense of calmness and serenity that nurtures their well-being. It's in these moments of quiet reflection and contentment that lasting memories are made, and bonds are strengthened. Our Ladybug Garden is an extended version of our design Clover Garden. We chose to add ladybugs because of its charming symbolism. The ladybug is often associated with luck and fortune. Its presence is believed to bring good fortune and blessings which make it the perfect addition to our lovely design.

 Stylish and functional design - Teen

Teen years mark a period of self-discovery and self-expression as teenagers move from being kids to becoming adults. Create a stylish and sophisticated space for your teen with subtle designs or designs like geometric patterns, bold graphic prints, or faux textures for a contemporary look. Personalize their room, ensuring their space grows with them into young adulthood. As your teen transitions into that, their room should continue to evolve to reflect their changing interests and needs. Consider incorporating versatile furniture pieces and timeless decor elements that can easily adapt to their evolving lifestyle. By creating a space that is both stylish and functional, you provide them with a sense of autonomy and independence as they navigate the journey into what is to come.

From creating serene nurseries for newborns to designing stylish spaces for teens transitioning into adulthood, we're delighted to provide inspiration for spaces that grow with your child. With an emphasis on creativity, longevity, and personalization, our wall murals aim to cultivate environments filled with joy, imagination, and harmony.