belarteICONS - Our most beloved designs

The world of wallpaper has been a traditional world for a long time. We at belarteSTUDIO are here to change the perception of what a wall mural can be and how it can be done. Our mission is to create astonishing wallcoverings that really make an impact and that brings out creativity and personality of spaces, whether it’s a bold statement or within a minimalistic aesthetic.

BelarteICONS is our most iconic and beloved designs that we want to celebrate and give new life by showing it in new ways. Because for us it's not about trends but personality and taste.


“It’s not just any wallpaper, your perfect match with personality and longelivety in mind” 

Trends come and go, but for us it is not about that at all. We see our wallpapers as unique pieces of art and each of our customers has their unique taste of what fits in their home, on their walls.

The collections that we created last year are as relevant as the most recent one. Especially since each time a customer places it in their home it gets a different look and a new light.

We find inspiration from everything from art exhibitions to an afternoon stroll outside. It can be a beautiful color combination or graphic shape from a sneaker to how an interior designer combines different structures. The world around us gives us energy that we transform with the walls as our canvas.

When many brands talk about trends we want to talk about you. What is your dream wallpaper? Together with interior designers worldwide we bring in their visions of the ultimate wall mural. Whether it's artistic, minimalistic, bold or neutral, we are just getting started.

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Black & white

We love the simple elegance that comes from a black and white wallpaper. Whether it’s wallpapers consisting of simple brushstrokes, abstract hand painted designs or Clay art, it can create a modern, striking scheme that provides the perfect finishing touch in your home. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment and embrace the dark side, black enhances the colors and shapes around it. Black and white are a perfect color combination with endless possibilities.

With a touch of green

Green is the color of nature. It is the color of new beginnings, growth and healing. Wallpaper allows you to get creative but always in a subtler and simpler way. Our Organic Brushstroke wallpaper gives depth and feeling to any room. Wallpapers can turn any space from neutral to eye-catching and with the color green, you will definitely do that. 

Create a natural oasis in any room with this breathtaking Climbing Wild Forest wallpaper mural. From the calming greens of the tree to the rustling of the leaves in the breeze, this design brings the beauty of nature indoors.

Featuring a realistic green landscape, our Vintage Landscape wall mural is a perfect design for creating an eco-friendly or woodland-themed space. Printed on high-quality paper, this mural is easy to install and will add instant style to any room. 

Whether you continue the theme across your home, choose contrasting colors, or pick certain aspects, your choices are limitless.

Neutral minimalism

The warm, inviting and sophisticated neutral wallpapers are ideal for any room. Here our Abstract Sketch, Artistic Lines and Clay Shapes fit exceedingly well. These are an assemblage of wall murals where the simplicity of scandi meets the elements of the neutral aesthetic to create a calm and neutral setting. Neutral color palettes are a great choice that complement any interior design. 

If you prefer something on the lighter side choose our neutral minimalist wall murals. Using neutral tones on your walls is a great option to widen your interior style choices. 

See the collection belarteICONS