The story behind - Asian Deco

Welcome to the inspiring world of Asian deco. Where pattern, art, and history come together to create magic. Get inspired by the Asian craftsmanship and historical Asian features, combined with a touch of art deco. This collection has a deeper meaning when it comes to color, pattern, and historical features. Follow along and read more about the story behind the new collection and where we find the inspiration.

The collection Asian deco gets its inspiration from Asian craftsmanship and ornaments like ink wash painting together with motifs found in historic Japanese and Asian art.

In combination with the contrast and geometrical playfulness found in art deco we believe that this collection celebrates both eras but also showcases them in a new light.

The asian heritage that dates back as long as from the 17th century, if not even more, to the art deco in the 1920s. Even though these sources of inspiration come from two different periods of time they do have some things in common. The celebration of craftsmanship and the things made by hand, luxurious golden ornaments and the sharp contrast between black on a light colored paper. Obviously they have their own reasons and interpretations of why these common themes existed. There are nevertheless similarities that make these styles enhance each other. For us this combination in history became the starting point for our own interpretation and ended up in the collection we call, Asian deco.

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Art deco became a huge trend during the roaring twenties and is known for its streamlined geometrical shapes & repeated symmetrical patterns. However, it is also known for being an ornamental style and a period where crafted and luxurious details were celebrated and objects were rarely mass produced. The aim was to create a sleek and anti-traditional elegance that symbolizes wealth and sophistication. The art deco movement brings inspiration from several areas from the world, like for example Asia, India or Egypt. With its inspiration founded in patterns, colorways, and antique ornament. But the art deco is mostly known for the Great Gatsby era and its luxurious influence in interior, fashion, and style.

The motifs in this collection are mainly found within the archives of historic Asian art. Figurative ink wash paintings with its fluid and soft look, combined with strong symbolic animals such as tigers or dragons. We have also found inspiration in architecture or the many antique or vintage folding screens that often are seen in either Asian hand painted landscapes or inspired by the graphics of the art deco movement.

All the lines, motives, and the strokes in this collection are hand painted to create the perfect mix between the modern and antique look. Every stroke, color and motive are made with passion and has been carefully selected to create the feeling of Asian deco.

This collection has a darker and moody color palette, with deep browns, black and a golden ochre yellow. The color palette brings inspiration from both eras but the star of the collection is the color red. The Red accent brings both warmth and power into this mix of historic and modern aesthetics. The fact that red also is a color that has a great meaning in Asian culture ties this story together. In countries like China, red symbolizes luck, prosperity, and power. Red is often used for the purpose to claim all kinds of positive energy. This means by adding red to your interior, according to Asian culture, brings more than just the color to your space.

From historical features, to craftsmanship with a modern twist. We present the new collection Asian deco. A variety of wall mural designs inspired by asian craftsmanship and the historic period of art deco. All put together in a contemporary interior setting that we hope you will find inspiring in our time.

We are looking forward to seeing how our partners and creative community incorporate this collection to create more unique spaces. It certainly will add character to your bedroom, bathroom, living room or any space of your choice.

Let’s create magic together.