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Your home is an art form in itself. It is about expressing your personal style through careful work and attention to detail. It requires an understanding of harmony and balance to create a home atmosphere that feels both elegant and confident. For our latest collection, we've collaborated with interior designer Nina Takesh, whose confidently subtle yet bold taste immediately caught our eye. With a neutral base, she creates modern and luxurious interiors.


Color palette and inspiration

Timeless design and elegance are often associated with neutral color palettes. While neutral colors play a fundamental role, this collection demonstrates how warmer colors can elevate and enhance them, particularly with stunning wall murals. In this collection, we wanted to complement the neutral tones with warmth and add a beautiful shade of terracotta with its rich earthiness, mingling with muted olive green and ochre, infusing each room with a sense of vitality and an extra dimension. The curated color palette celebrates the earth’s timeless beauty and strikes a perfect balance between the subtle and the bold, the organic and the elegant.

The inspiration behind the collection lies in the beauty of nature around us, from vibrant French landscapes to organic structures and textures. These elements create a world of their own when examined closely. The collection aims to offer something for everyone seeking a touch of luxury in their home. There is something incredibly beautiful about the irregularity and natural shapes of the designs, which help to create an atmosphere of elegance that will impress anyone who walks through the door.


Hand-painted wall murals

All wall murals in the collection are handmade, gaining a unique character and a profound sense of authenticity through this meticulous process. From delicate hand-painted French landscapes selected from Nina's favorite scenes to finely hand-cut textures in clay, each mural creates an impressive illusion of artistic textured walls.

When integrating wall murals into your interior design, the first step is to identify the perfect location for the mural. Whether it's behind your bed, sofa or dining area, choosing a focal point will ensure the wall mural stands out as a captivating centerpiece. It's important to consider the scale of the pattern in terms of your room size and furniture to maintain balance and harmony.

Take the opportunity to mix different textures and patterns to create depth in your design. Combining the wallpaper with soft, tactile fabrics or introducing contrasting patterns can enhance the visual appeal of the space. Although the walls take center stage, remember that every component in the room contributes to the overall aesthetic.

French landscape

Our new landscape wall mural in the collection promises a delightful experience. Landscape wall murals have historically been popular for their ability to transform a room and create a sense of space and expansiveness. The French landscape offers a fresh interpretation, providing a daily escape to the charm of the French countryside. These murals have a unique ability to transport us to distant places or recall cherished memories, allowing you to experience the charm and beauty of the French countryside every day, right in your own home.

Additionally, our new landscape wallpaper is a versatile and practical interior design feature. Landscape wall murals work well in various types of rooms and interior styles, making them a timeless and popular choice for our customers. Not only are they visually appealing, but they are also flexible and can adapt to different styles and room needs.


Craftsmanship within wall murals 

Geometric Clay is the result of a creative process that combines artistry and tools to create organic patterns and captivating color shifts. By embracing the handmade and irregular, this collection provides a timeless elegance that celebrates the natural and authentic. Each aspect of this collection is meticulously designed to serve as the perfect backdrop for beautiful interiors. The wall murals in this collection not only share a wonderful warm color palette but also the attention to detail and craftsmanship evident in each piece.

Our Linear Shadings wall mural features hand-painted designs on a textile surface, blending craftsmanship with a block print aesthetic, graphic modern expression, and subtle shadings. This creates an elegant design that flirts with geometric shapes while maintaining a softer appearance. Choosing wall murals from this collection adds depth and dimension to your walls, imbuing your interior with confidence and personality that cannot be achieved any other way.

The Weight of Contrast

Let's not overlook the importance of contrast. Warm colors and patterns bring rooms to life, but darker contrasts add a modern twist and complete the room design. Contrasts draw attention to key elements, enhancing the overall impact of the space. By mixing light and dark colors, smooth and textured surfaces, or bold and subtle elements, contrasts create a dynamic interplay that adds dimension and richness.



Every aspect of your home, from the smallest detail to the most grand design, reflects a deliberate intentionality. This purposeful selection of elements creates an atmosphere of elegance and luxury, demonstrating the powerful influence of thoughtful design. As you are navigating through your home, take time to pay attention to the care and consideration behind each choice, as it is these choices such as which wall mural to choose that really elevate a house into a cherished home worth admiring.