The story behind - Modern Tradition

The collection Modern Tradition is a contemporary collection with both roots in traditional wallpaper craft and modern abstract aesthetics. With focus on the emotional values of how a room feels this collection is created with both well being and mental health in mind. The inspiration comes from organic structures from nature and vintage botanicals combined with influences from both architecture and fashion. The wallpaper designs is created to give you the feeling of being embraced. Perfect if you want to make an impact in your interior while keeping it neutral.

The colors are in a variety of beige tones from pale beige to cream and warmer tones. We love them in the combination of dusty green, ochre yellow and darker brown. The collection also includes some icons in new colorways, like one of our most beloved designs, Abstract sketch.

Design Process

The process behind this collection has been very hands-on working in different materials. Draping large scale pleated fabrics in different lightings to capture the fluidity, softness and shadows. Creating a both dramatic and romantic three dimensional effect but still keeping it minimalistic. We have also reworked a selection of vintage drawings to create the perfect luxurious botanic floral wallpaper. The tonal colors combined with the imperfect vintage look gives the design both character and elegance. 

By using a variety of sources for inspiration we believe that we can widen the perspective of how a wallpaper or wall mural can look. Wallpaper is a traditional handcraft that has been given new dimensions and possibilities with a digital technique. With roots in florals and other classic motifs this collection combines the tradition with other aesthetics normally not associated with wallpaper. The soft and elegant shapes created by draped pleats found in a dress at the catwalk. The use of light as a method of capturing layered fabrics is just some of the ways this collection has challenged the way you usually create wallpaper.

belarteSTUDIO x Rebecca Goddard

For this collection we have teamed up with the talented visual editor and designer Rebecca Goddard. We have had the opportunity to merge our creative minds when designing some of the wallpaper designs and feature
them in her beautiful home. It really captures how to use wallpaper in a minimalistic environment.

We at belarteSTUDIO love to meet creators, designers or artists around the world working within different fields within art and design. These meetings truly make us challenge ourselves and how we think when we create our wallpaper. By inviting others into our process we can create something truly unique and authentic. All to make our customers find their perfect wallpaper for their unique interior.

View full story - styled by Rebecca Goddard

Wellness in interiors

To design a room with focus of how it affects our mental health is a perspective
that has been seen more and more during the recent years. Not only for spaces created for classic purposes such as meditation rooms or spa facilities but also for private homes or offices. This is a result and a backlash from a stressful world and more and more of us reflecting about how we live and our priorities. Since our homes and workplace is something that we surround ourselves with almost all of our time, is it only right to bring this discussion into the world of interiors and design. It is definitely a future key topic to consider when designing a space.

When using mental health as a key factor in your design decisions the most important is to keep in mind to listen to the person or company that will use the space. Even in this regard we are all different and wellness can mean different things for different people and purposes.