The story behind - Pop of Blue


Both at 3daysofdesign in Copenhagen in June and at Maison & Objet in Paris in September the combination of variations of blue shades together with red captured our eye. Something about this combination of color made our heartbeats go a little bit faster in the way it feels both contemporary and a bit nostalgic.

The shades of blue goes from light sky blue with a dusty undertone to bright sapphire blue and darker more navy tones, and preferably combined. Pops of red and also burgundy acts as a contrast color and makes the combination dynamic with a sense of nostalgia and undertone of retro influences.

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With this in mind we have added two new colorways in our collection. Retro Geometric in a beautiful combination of burgundy and dusty blue and the iconic Flowline in a bright blue. If you, like us, also find this color combination intriguing just choose if you want to go in a more retro inspired direction or a more contemporary and bright direction. The sapphire blue Flowline is a perfect pop of color with an artistic vibe even if you have a more clean and white interior. Or go all in with the moody and vibrant colors in the new Retro Geometric design.

Light blue is the perfect soft color from the pastel family, which both invites nature inside and at the same time experiments with color with your interior. To understand why the light blue can be such a popular color just combine the already good feelings that blue conveys to the ones delivered by pastel colors: joy, calmness, serenity and childness.


Sapphire is a beautiful shade of blue – a strong blue color named after the beautiful gemstone. Also known as klein blue, named after the famous French artist Yves Klein who had a particular love for this deep blue color, from his days well spent on the French Riviera. His inspiration came from the sky and the lovely Mediterranean sea evoking feelings of freedom and creativity. Blue is one of the most loved colors, representing both the sky and the sea and is associated with open spaces, freedom, imagination, sensitivity and is the ideal color for bedrooms and powder rooms for creating a feeling of calmness.

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