The story behind - Royal Vintage


Imagine standing outside an enchanting turn-of-the-century Italian villa. You throw open the heavy double doors and are greeted by a spacious foyer adorned with a romantic chinoiserie-inspired wall mural. However, when you look closer, you notice the interior in the room consists of contemporary furniture and realize that someone bold lives here, who consciously choose to embrace the friction created by the clash of period aesthetics.

This is Royal Vintage, a collection of wall murals that challenges the preconceived notion of blending interior and aesthetics from different periods and, instead, welcomes the exciting friction when old meets new. A celebration of historical patterns reimagined with a twist.

For this collection we have been inspired by interior designers like, Bryan O ́ Sullivan Studio, Martin Brudnizki, Marie Ohlsson Nylander & Vincenzo De Cotiis. These creators truly embrace the mix of tradition together with contemporary aesthetics. 

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The inspiration for this collection doesn’t limit itself to a specific era or country; instead, we expanded our imagination to let ourselves be influenced and inspired by the what without considering the where and when. Therefore, the only real common nominator regarding the inspiration for this collection is the love for historical patterns.

Even though we focused our inspiration around the what, there’s always a rich history behind the where and when, and it would feel somewhat obnoxious to not at least give credit to one, where credit is due.

One of which is the characteristic villas found in the countryside of Italy, where passion for vintage and old traditions lives on. This is the kind of romantic setting where “royal” luxurious vibes can meet a modern aesthetic to really create that perfect storm of friction.


The Royal Vintage wall mural collection consists of classic motifs such as chinoiserie, medallion patterns, romantic sceneries, antique ornaments, and cherubs. The designs are all painted by hand, and lots of love went into the rich details of every motif to really give off an authentic vintage feeling. In these wall murals, you’ll find a wide variety of calm neutrals, but also soft, beautiful colors ranging from colder blues and greens to warmer hues of pink and yellow.

Now, if you find yourself in love with a wall mural and realize you don’t own an Italian villa, don’t despair. The designs of this collection look just as great in an apartment or a house that isn’t placed in southern Europe, and you can create your very own customized wall mural to fit any space you’d like.

The constant reminder of the era portrayed in series such as The Crown and Bridgeton makes the royalistic interior easy to romanticize. We, too, have been swooped off our feet by the luxurious vibe and wanted to capture the same level of elegant detail in a modern light.

The wall murals in this collection are meant to create an interior that will make you feel like the lead role in the series mentioned above. Dream away to a distant time and go all the way with a romantic interior, or add a contemporary flair with modern decoration to get the best out of both worlds. You’re the director of your life - make it your own.