The story behind - Vintage Vibe

As the name suggests we have found the inspiration for this collection from vintage. Both from art, design and furniture. We want to celebrate some of the great artists from the 40s and 50s like pattern genius Josef Frank and the early modernist Henri Matisse. We admire how they both work with color. Playful graphical shapes mixed with intricate patterns.

We also find inspiration in the 70s geometric patterns. Wallpaper and tiles that have been out of style for quite some time. However we definitely find them interesting and have given them a more contemporary look.

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We see a strong tendency that we want to surround us with more and more color. Especially after a year like this we are seeking for optimism and happiness in all shapes possible. However if you still prefer a more neutral color palette there are some great distinct statement designs for you as well.

Vintage vibe is full of bright color ways- that celebrate the more is more aesthetic of Josef Frank. He thought that a crowded patterns was more calm than a solid surface. That a pattern gives us something to look at and lets us wander off into another world.



”It doesn ́t matter if you mix old and new, or different styles, colours and patterns. The things you like will always blend, by themselves, into a peaceful whole.”

Josef Frank, 1958


”Get a maximalistic vintage inpired look in a more neutral colorpalette”


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