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Asian Blue

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    2 products

    Welcome to the world of Asian Blue, a mesmerizing wall mural collection that blends traditional motifs, classic blue hues, and captivating Asian influences. This latest addition to our offerings is a testament to our deep appreciation for age-old designs, timeless colors, and the rich tapestry of Asian culture.

    Asian Blue offers you the opportunity to define your unique style with two distinct directions: Serene and Romantic or Bold Tradition.

    Serene and Romantic

    This style direction embraces the calming influence of classic blue. Choose murals with delicate floral patterns, serene landscapes, and intricate motifs to create a tranquil oasis in your space. The soft interplay with blue hues mixed with creamy whites evokes a sense of romance and serenity, making it perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, or cozy reading nooks.

    Bold Tradition:

    For those who appreciate the bold and vibrant, the Bold Tradition style direction celebrates the dynamic fusion of red and blue. Opt for murals with striking patterns, intricate designs, and a bolder presence. This style brings a touch of tradition to contemporary spaces, infusing energy and character into dining rooms, entryways, or home offices.

    Asian Blue invites you to explore the timeless beauty of classic blue, the passionate embrace of red, and the rich cultural tapestry of Asia. Whether you prefer a serene and romantic retreat or a bold and traditional statement, this collection has something to offer. Elevate your space with Asian Garden or Asian Clouds wall murals and let its exquisite fusion of tradition and elegance breathe new life into your home.

    Asian Garden

    This landscape wall mural draws inspiration from classic Asian motifs and the iconic blue porcelain, creating a powerful connection to Asian heritage. The deep blue hues contrast beautifully with vibrant red elements, giving your room an energetic atmosphere. Asian Garden in blue is perfect for those who want their interior to make a strong memorable statement. Asian garden comes in two colorways blue and Ochre Golden

    Asian Clouds

    Asian clouds in blue is a design that exudes peace and harmony. It captures the beauty of the small variations in the sky's clouds, and each brushstroke is created with precision and care to give your interior a unique charm. The soothing blue shades create an atmosphere of peacefulness, perfect for a cozy bedroom or an idyllic living room. This luxurious design is available in three colorways blue, red and black