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Japandi is as the name reveals a fusion between the Scandinavian modern style and Japanese traditional aesthetic. This Japandi wallpaper collection mixes the best of both worlds and is most easily described as a warmer and more functionality focused way to style the traditional Scandinavian minimalistic look. 

Japandi wallpaper is the perfect way to bring nature into your home in a modern and stylish way. With its calming colors and organic patterns, Japandi wallpaper will bring a sense of serenity and balance into any room. Whether you're looking to create a cozy and tranquil atmosphere or to make a bold statement, Japandi wallpaper will bring a unique, timeless beauty to your space that will be admired for years to come. Let Japandi wallpaper take you on a journey of relaxation and inspiration, and enjoy its calming effects in your home.

Japandi wall murals uses a neutral color palette with earth tones. The collection have simple shapes, handmade with natural materials. Wabi-Sabi philosophy

Clay Art

Our most popular design. This japandi wall mural is created from a model out of layers of clay giving your space a 3d art piece. Hand made and indeed capturing the Wabi Sabi view, of embracing the perfection of the imperfection. Art with a focus on timeless aesthetics and simplicity.

Clay Shapes

Clay Shapes is one of our most Iconic designs. The pattern brings out the geometrical asymmetry and truly embraces the wabi sabi point of view. This Japandi inspired clay art with a focus on aesthetics and simplicity is a true timeless wall mural.

Plaster Lines

Handmade organic lines created in plaster, inspired by our iconic Flowline. Roughness meets soft and calming waves creating a sophisticated and contemporary touch to any space. This wall mural is created for timeless contemporary spaces.